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Latest News - 21/04/2019

Used Kite Kit up for grabs.. ex Roger Chapman

Used Kite Kit up for urgent sale and it is in pristine condition.

Roger Chapman is the owner (one of the original kitesurfers in the UK who we have always helped out with kit ) and he has used the kite and board for about 5hrs max to get himself back into the sport after injuries forced him into retirement a while back. He is already out riding it and needs to get back onto faster kites and smaller boards.
For most mortals the Passion kite and Bliss board will be a great set up and Roger will be more than happy to run through the kit and give you the low down on what it can do for you (and in detail.. Roger only does 'detail').
If this is your first kite setup then have a chat with Roger as I know he will only sell it to you if he thinks you're ready for it.
Pricing as below (£1250 for kite, bar and board is very reasonable!) and give Roger a Call if you're interested in any of it,  as he will split if ness.
RRD Bliss Ltd  V5 135/39 2018
inc. Rad Pads  £450 ovno
RRD Passion M9 9mtr 2018
V7.1 Global bar & lines
RRD Pump included 
Complete package £800 ovno.
Can sell separately & open to offers.
All under 5 hrs Use.
Call Roger Chapman 07737 037192


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