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Latest News - 03/05/2019

Another Holiday Weekend in Paradise!

 Well it's the May Bank Holiday weekend and compared to Easter's Scorchio.. it's Freezio for this one.

It's only a wild guess but it looks as though the weekend has 'not a lot' to offer us in the way of usable wind either (when will we get something 'nice' wind wise). All forecasts point to the North Kent coast or possibly Greatstone beach, near St Marys Bay, as places to sail or kite at. 
Normally we have a Short'cast weather report from Bill but maybe he has had enough of the 7 months endurance of a daily average temp of less than 10 degrees (hands up who is now bored with that..). 
Oh well.. even though it is still a 'chilly' UK there is hope on the horizon and we do truly believe that be winter will ending soon.. which is why we are holding a Mega Massive Winter Wetsuits SALE!! 
It' could also be due to having run out of room to fit anything more water wear wise into this shop so we are not pussy footing around and are going to be offering up to 50% Off to clear our Stock of Winter Wetsuits.

Lady's first and any Winter suit we have in the shop will have 40% off of the RRP.. that is a blinding deal and there are some very nice suits to be had!
In Mens suits we have high end suits as per the Neil Pryde (NP) Recon Front Zip 5/4mm from 2018 which will now cost you £235.00.. that is 45% off of their RRP of £429.00!
All of our stock Xcel suits WILL HAVE 40% off of the RRP and all stock ION suits will have up to 50% off of the RRP.
We still have a few Drysuits (Mystic and Pro Limit) to clear at 50% off of the RRP.
There are also wetsuits from Mystic and RRD which will have up to 40% discount.
This is a shop offer and we are not listing it all on the Website, so if you have a few quid spare and could do with a 2nd winter suit or yours needs updating, do drop in (too many to list at the moment) as when they have gone.. we will have room for the summer suits! 😃
And now, to the weekends weather as it currently stands..
Saturday is horrid.. Sunday is slightly better and Monday will be improving ready for the return to work on Tuesday (see Wednesday and Thursday if you are awaiting wind).
One thing that is good this weekend are the Tides as they are great for River SUP due to the Highs being at midday.
Saturday High is at 11.49hrs on a 5.9m
Sunday High is at 12.24hrs on a 6.0m
Monday High is at 12.59hrs on a 6.1m
And that's it for now..
The shop is Open all weekend, so maybe we will see you but if not, do have a great time whatever the weather decides to chuck at you!
Saturday 9.30 - 5.30pm 
Sunday and Monday 10.00 - 4.00pm

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