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Latest News - 10/05/2019

A weekend with More on Wings and More of.. Rain.. pooh!

 So there goes another week and one which had something for everyone.. wind, waves, sun and a good dowsing of rain for those with gardens, allotments or just empty water butts. A little HEAT would have been really nice but let's not get greedy.. just yet! No pictures of anybody having fun as yet.. anybody have something we could use as its a shame not to have 'Locals' pictures on the page?

Good to see the 'chatter' starting up re. where was the best spot to sail was and which beach was sheltered for SUP and talking of chattering, as per the teeth, I am pretty sure all that ventured out were aware of the wind chill (most days it is still below 10°!) and the water being a tad cold. It is only 11° which by all accounts is the norm for May.. for some reason I always felt it was more like 13-14°.. so be aware if you are maybe heading down this weekend for your first paddle of the season and only have a lightweight wetsuit (which is better than a pair of shorts and a rash vest! ) we have plenty of waterwear available at great prices should you need something 'life preserving'.

I mentioned the Naish Wing Surfer a couple of weeks back and we now have a delivery date, which is the end of June. One size only, which is a 4m, and the price is £729.00, which is roughly where we thought they would be. We will have two wings available from the first drop into Europe (if we are still part of Europe..) and if it is something that you REALLY REALLY WANT as you think it might SPICE up your life..don't know why I did that.. then give us a call. The Duotone version, which has a slightly different construction to the Naish in the respect of a 'boom' and battens, is also expected to be available around that time and once again we have two 4m wings on order if you are interested.. no price announced as yet but we expect it to be around the £799.00 mark although some shops are saying £899.00 . Nik Baker has been out a couple of times this week using the Duotone wing and seems to be getting the hang of it pretty quick .

I would love to prattle on about other up and coming or 'Now In ' kit but as I do not want to be here at 7.15pm trying to post this as per last week I am moving straight to the weekend weather and the tides.

Saturday the winds are from the Nor West 12kts but I don't foresee a sea breeze kicking in to create a user friendly Westerly as the temps are only 14° with rain moving-in in the afternoon.. but now that I have said that keep an eye on the wind stations! No real swell predicted either.. sorry.
Tide is High 16.47 on a 5.4m.

Sunday, the winds become cyclonic and drop, prior to the winds moving back around to the Nor 'East then to East for the whole of next week.. not sure where these 'warm temperatures' they have mentioned have gone as still giving only 12°C! No rain shown at the moment and the tide is High at 18.10hrs on a 5.2m

Have as much fun as you can and just enjoy the weather for what it is.. as there is bugger all we can do about it! 😕

Pics courtesy of Naish and the Duotone Pro Center Tenerife

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