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Latest News - 17/05/2019

Ahem.. we have a Positively Lovely Weekend ahead!

 Please Note. If I start this post off with anything else but 'Happy' people will say I am being negative, so I apologise for being happy to anyone else who is getting as depressed as I am with this ongoing 'cool' weather. 

It's the 2nd Weekend of May Folks and that means you will have two days of Summer Fun out on the water! The conditions are looking perfect for wind sports.. as the current forecast offers light cyclonic winds during both days (6-8 kts max!) which will mean great conditions for.. flying a small child's kite. Please Note.. they may well get a tad stroppy when the wind changes direction and their kite flies into the nearby power lines,  if you have not pointed this out to them.
SUP and Kayak will also be great this weekend (SUP boards start from only £459.00 if you feel you WANT ONE!) as the temperatures are forecast to hit Highs of 15°C ! That at least means that your chances of overheating when the winds change from a tail wind to a head wind will be minimal and no need to apply expensive sun creams to keep the UV off either!
The Tides are also happy this weekend (it's all going very well isn't it..) and especially for The River Paddlers out there, as on Saturday the river will be full of 11°C water at 11.49 hrs on a 6.2m and Sunday it moves on to High at 12.33hrs on a 6.3m. 
We suggest that you may want to wear 'something' neoprene wise that will protect you should you fall in.. as no one wants to see people having fun splashing about in the water.
We will be on hand all weekend to supply your Summer Watersports Needs.. as per Kids 3mm Shorty wetsuits from £20.00, to help them try and stay 'warm' on their Bodyboard, which start from £18.00, (we also have full suits if you really prefer your children not to be a lovely shade of blue..) and then there are the boxes full of the ever popular beach shoes, from only £5.99 , to protect you and the kids from the Weever Fish that have frozen rock hard in the shallows..poor things.
And finally ( as I am still waiting for the van heater to warm the cab up before leaving for home ) the ever popular Hooded Ponchos, which start from only £16.99 for a lesser heighted adult and £18.99 for a larger version. Please be aware that these ponchos are now seen as an essential for all beach goers..  but currently as additional clothing to save you looking 'cool ' on the beach!
So you lucky people..  Have a great Summers Weekend and I do hope you will see this post as being just Positively Honest .. and not caused by an act of COLD depression. 

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