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Latest News - 24/05/2019

Holiday Weekend, Our Opening times and why a Roll Up is fun!

 Bank Holiday Weekend Numero Two of the month of May 2019 is here and as it is closely followed by Half Term for most of the local schools, some of you are likely to be off for a whole 7 days and will need something to do. Hold up.. forget the decorating and the list of DIY.. you need to have think Roll up! Roll UP!

No.. I am not suggesting you take up smoking or perfecting a Matt special.. 😁.. just bringing you one reason of the happiness of owning an inflatable SUP board. At the end of a day's fun on the water, which includes at no extra cost the toning of the torso and topping up the tan, the board is quickly rolled up, put back in its bag and can then stay in the corner of your van or in the 'shopping compartment' of your car (aka boot) until the next bout of fun time. That is about as 'service free' fun as you can get and even the manual inflation of the board could be seen as a saving on the gym membership.. it's all positive after positive! These boards are fun for all of the family (not sure about your 95 year old granny but she maybe up for a final fling of Fun..) and as the weather is bound to bring us 'Beach Days' again very soon the £'s outlay per hour of fun you will get (our prices start from £459.00) is not that much when you will pay at least £256.30 for a NHS crown, which takes about an hour and is no fun whatsoever (maybe that was not the best comparison but it's on my mind today, hence I need to sell something!). There are loads of I-SUP options available so come take a look if you think it's time to 'blow' some money on a new toy.
Note. Please do SUP responsibly.. in the picture attached there is a possible Health and Safety issue with this type of SUP-ing. Yes, that's right, the board should have been attached to the car with a nice set of Da Kine or similar Roof Rack straps (only £15.99) or a Soft Rack System (start from £29.00) as the young Lady is just not heavy enough to hold it down at any speed, so it could fly off and hurt someone. Tut Tut....
Wind is looking promising for the whole of the weekend and at last it has swung back to the Sou'West , so maybe, just maybe we will have the first Summer Sailing / Kiting weekend of 2019! By that I mean the use of sails larger than 4m which has been the sail of choice for the last 7 months and allowing the newcomer kiters , who must by now be getting desperate to have friendly winds to give them a chance to get out and learn the art of the sport! All fingers are staying crossed that the forecasts are correct.
So to the weather, tides and our Opening Times!
Saturday 11-16kts Sou-West during the afternoon.
Tide is High at 16.35hrs on a 5.2m
Open 9.30 - 5.30pm
Sunday 13-23kts Sou-West. 
Tide is High at 17.32hrs on a 4.9m
Open 10-4.00pm
Monday 14-20kts Sou-West
Tide is High at 18.34hrs on a 4.8m
Open 10 - 4.00pm
The Winds could alter but the Tides and our Opening Times will not!
Hope you have a Fantastic Weekend whatever you get up to.
(Thanks to Isle SUP for the use of their picture).

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