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Latest News - 29/05/2019

Duotone Launch their Foil Wing

 Duotone have now launched their Foil Wing (they launched yesterday.. we were closed!) and there is a facebook page already up and running (not much on there at the moment but keep an eye on it) as well as a stack of info on their website. Available in four sizes the Foil Wing has been in development for quite a while and good to hear names like Ken Winner and Alan Cadiz being involved with it as these guys have stacks of water time and water toy experience. I saw Nik out on Monday evening (with someone else but too far away to see who) and I was suprised by how fast the foil board was travelling at.. these things are not slow! I had been out on a well powered 5m sail (I weigh 65kg and was on an 80lt Twinser) so they are pretty controllable as well. They were developed with Foils in mind and if you want speed that is where you will have to go but I can see this being a great SUP toy as well.

The wind ranges are listed against each kite size (see the attached pics!) and as for the Price?.. Well better than expected and the RRP for each Wing is listed on the attached pic ( as well as below) but please note that the boom, which adjusts to fit all Wing sizes, is an extra £99.00 (leash and pump adaptor are supplied with each size of the Wing). We have a 4m and a 5m on their way so you will be able to come and take a look at one very soon.. if you have not already seen Nik out on his.

2m2 22 - 35 KNOTS £429,00
3m2 20 - 30 KNOTS £479,00
4m2 14 - 22 KNOTS £529,00
5m2 10 - 17 KNOTS £579,00
115 - 175CM  RRP £99,00


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