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Latest News - 31/05/2019

 After a windy 6 days we once again move into the weekend with a forecast for... two Days of Summer!

Do I hear a Whoopee'do? Well maybe as the heat could cause a sea breeze to get going (I hate saying those words as Bill always gets upset with me) but to be honest I think it doubtful on the Saturday as the 'breeze' usually works best when we have a wind from the Nor'West and on Saturday it looks to be a light wind from the South. Well at least the Sun Lovers may feel good about this but the temps will not be the balmy 27°C the radio has been spouting out and I would go more with a real feel of 16-18°C.. but I could be wrong so I will try and update everyone tomo morning.
Sunday is looking better for the wind sports with a current wind stat of 14-22kts Sou-West but as that is a long way off (in forecasting terms..) I would suggest checking it on Sunday morning! 
Whatever we get I would like a HOT Weekend soon, as otherwise the Beach Toy Funds that people have for 2019 will end up in The Bike Store or similar .. we need fun in the sun!
Something else that might cause a Hot-ing up in Brighton this weekend is the gathering of an estimated 700 motorcycling club members arriving for their annual bash.. I believe the members have come from all over the UK and are being joined by some of the Dutch 'Chapters' as well.. I think that may give you a clue to the 'style' of the Club. I was also informed yesterday evening that there is a Gay event on (anyone know what it is?) and then there's The Run For Love (a singles only running event) so it really will be a great 'mix of people' on Brighton's seafront this weekend... I might give it a miss on the grounds of Health and Safety! :) 
We have a new edition to the Used Boards list and a bit of a rare beast at that.. a Naish Wave 95lt Thruster. The board is on our website and you can check out the full details there.
It is up for a QUICK SALE AT £299.00 and the link is below.
We may also be trading in a RRD Hardcore V5 68lt (Twin-Tri-Quad boxed board) if anyone small like me is looking for a nice sized wave board.. Call if you are interested. 

Nothing used in SUP or Kayak at the moment.. sorry.. but we will have two Lite Tech Starboard Composite boards arriving next Wednesday which are super cheap and in short supply! 
10'5" x 32" £749.00
12'6" x 31" Tourer at £799.00
I was sent a couple of lovely Pics from last weekend by Jim Craker.. taken by Eunice Bergin off of Sea Lane cafe I believe and apart from showing Jim having a great time on his Severne Dyno and Ezzy Elite it really does show the deflection of the Wind turbines blades.. many thanks to Jim and Eunice!
Now to the Wind and Tide times..
Saturday 1st JUNE..
Southerly 6-8kts. High at 10.35hrs on a 5.6m 
Sunday 2nd JUNE..
Sou-West 14-22kts. High at 11.17hrs on a 5.8m
Perfect for Shoreham in the afternoon!
And that is it.. time to head off home and enjoy a summers Friday evening! Have a great HOT weekend.. but maybe keep a sweatshirt handy. 😁

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