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Latest News - 07/06/2019

D-Day, Storm Miguels NSSR Sad Loss and other things..

 After a week remembering the soldiers, sailors, aircrew and civilians that lost their lives during the D-Day Landings of the second World War (Shoreham was the launch area for Operation Sword) the weekend once more has arrived and so have the remnants of Storm Miguel, bringing a day of strong winds and heavy rainfall. Sadly Miguel has also taken the lives of three crew from a French National Society of Sea Rescue (their RNLI) boat that capsized during a rescue attempt earlier today near La Rochelle... a true catastrophe and a very very sad day for all of those involved. 

The storm hit the Spanish and French coasts hard with gusts of up to 157kmh recorded, which is incredible for a storm at this time of year! I guess it just continues the trend of odd weather during 2019... wonder what else we will get before SUMMER eventually arrives?

The good news is that the low pressure coming up from the South should bring surf to our part of the coast by tomorrow (2.5m wave height on an 8 sec period given by Windguru) and with a Sou-West' West wind it 'should' be wave riding heaven for the wind sports and for surf and SUP (the inner Harbour beaches and the Marina should be wind protected so they could be a tad busy.. no fighting please!).

Moving on.. due to the weather today the Futura 122lt we have traded in has not yet been photographed.. will try and correct that tomorrow.
We now also have a 2017 Ezzy Cheetah 6.0m in Red should someone be hankering after a powerful freeride sail.. £300.00 ovno and.. pictures of the actual sail to follow!

Now to the most important thing for tonight's post.. does anyone have any old 2ft x 2ft paving slabs?? 🙂 I need 12 to put a greenhouse on! Personal I know but if anyone has something I would be grateful ...

And finally.. the weekends weather and tides!
Saturday Winds are Sou-West' West 26-35kts
Tide is High at 15.45hrs on a 5.9m
Sunday the winds back right off to a light Sou-West 9kts Tide is High at 16.46hrs on a 5.7m

Please have a safe weekend having fun and watch out for others if the conditions are rough!

Thanks to Military Benefits and the BBC for the pictures.

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