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Latest News - 14/06/2019

Andys Day, UKWA, Wings but no Wheels, Quatro Thruster and the Weather!

 And there goes another week of summer.. ha.. yeah right! 

Summer is still holding off (for those of you reading this who are fortunate enough not to be living in this part of the world..) and the ongoing cool spring like weather got even better when we had a monsoon chucked in for good measure (Monday it rained for 24hrs.. and it precipitated 2 months worth in those 24hrs). Even with all of the rain there has been a fair splattering of wind, so at least some of you have been having fun and I am sure we will get warm summery conditions.. at some point... so that those with SUP or foils will start to get a little fun too. Moving on.. 
Tomorrow sees the UKWA Slalom Tour arrive at Worthing for Round Four and it is fitting that the event is being held there this weekend as the 15th June was the sad day that Andy Funnell, a very talented and popular windsurfer from Seaford, lost his life due to Cold Water Shock after simply falling off of a jet ski. Believe it or not, that was 15 years ago now but still seems like yesterday. Andy was more of a Wave / Freestyler than a Slalom Racer but many of the guys and girls at this weekend's event will remember him (once met, never forgotten..) and their thoughts will of course be of the sad loss but more so of the good times with Andy.  He was a cracking guy and because of that he will never leave us.
I believe that Andy's Father, Trevor, together with his Mum, Linda, are hoping to attend the event on Saturday afternoon,  so if you knew Andy do go and say hello as I know Trevor and Linda will be very glad to see you all. 
Duotone Foil Wings have been the talk of the beach for a few weeks now and our very first 'wing' has arrived in Ladleland. We have a 4m in the shop for all to see, so do drop 'buy' and take a look if you are interested in the latest form of a Wind Motor. (I say 'buy' but this one needs to stay with us until the main stock arrives at Duotone later this month). 
Trade ins.. we have had a very nice Quatro Sphere Thruster 105lt 2015 board arrive should you be looking.. The Sphere is the all round wave board from Quatro and has a sail carrying capacity of 4.2 -5.8m (according to the previous owner who has brought in against a Goya Quad). It is in very nice condition apart from a slight ding to the TF centre fin.  £575.00 seems a fair price.. please. 🙂
And now to the weekends Weather and Tides.
Saturday the winds are 15-23kts coming in pretty much from the South and  High Tide is at 10.41hrs on a 5.8m.  Poss rain showers.
Sunday the winds increase to 19-27kts and swing to a Sou'West direction. Tide is High at 11.30hrs on a 5.9m. Poss rain showers around lunchtime. 
Air Temps are around 15°C less wind chill so a winter suit will still be OK.
Last of all I have included three pics of Phil Dobner 'having some fun' last Saturday.. great pics by Tim Tarrington and Saskia Shinner (the Farmers Daughter). 
That is it. Play safe and I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend!. 

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