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Latest News - 24/06/2019

Naish Wing Surfer has arrived!

 Naish Wings have arrived! One size only, 4sqm and already a world shortage! Luckily enough we have two 

in stock, both in Teal Blue and the nice price for the wing is £729.00. 
The wing comes with a small carry bag and is supplied with a pump, wrist leash, spare valve and a repair tool. The finish is typically Naish (it looks very well put together ) and now that we can put the two wings next to each other you realise the different concepts of the products... one is quick and simple (bit like a paraglider) and the other is far more technical (bit like a hanglider). Which will be the best, if there is a 'best' as both seem to be going on different paths, we shall have to wait and see. 
The Duotone Foil Wing in 4sqm (will also be available in 2-3-5m) is £529.00 for the wing plus £99.00 for the boom and £24.90 for the wrist Leash. A Pump is not supplied so please budget another £35.00 if you don't have one.

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