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Latest News - 12/07/2019

News is Back.. New Sails and New Boards..New Brands and Music at Shoreham this weekend.. which will be New!

 Ahem.. it has been a while but I am back and therefore the Friday Night rant is on again! Great weather at the moment and although the winds are not hitting the heights that perhaps we would like (an awful lot of wind gear in the shop which we would like to see 'moving'..) the sun and temperatures are very gratefully received. Windguru is currently offering a Sou West blow for next Thursday / Friday but that is far enough off for it to be a bit like giving a weather forecast for Mars! Fingers crossed though.

We are about to hit the Summer Rush by the majority of Watersports companies to get their New 2020 products launched into the public Eye (would be nice if those of us in the 'trade' were told about the New kit first but in most cases we can be the last to know.. and that also goes for a lot of the UK Reps who have found out about 'things they are about to sell' on the web rather than from the companies that employ them!) so get ready for the selling of the New and the Clearing of the old. As in current years it once again looks as though there will not be as much clearance available this year looking at the stock held at companies like Duotone Fanatic, Goya, JP, Neil Pryde, Quatro, Severne, which is good in some ways as it should help second-hand prices to rise.. which I am sure would be good news to you. So here are a few New items.. which YOU probably already know about! :)
Two new sails have just been launched by Ezzy. 
The Lion 'Powerhouse' Twin Cam Freeride has been given a makeover and has had its weight trimmed off.. then we have the New Taka 6 Wave sail which has once again been tinkered with to offer greater low end and also a bit of weight reduction (the new 4.7m is the same weight as the old 4.1m). This has been achieved on both 2020 sails by saying goodbye to the old vinyl window panel and fitting a Dyneema reinforced panel. Both sails are now on our website.
Lion Info Here
Taka 6 Info Here

New board from Severne.. The Quint fin boxed Mako Wave offers a rider Quad finned Grip for a day at Gwithian or Thruster set up for the more gentle faced waves of Shoreham (as per the RRD Hardcore V5 and the Fanatic Grip). If this board performs as well as their Dyno it will be a winner for sure. Available in four sizes, 71lt and 74lt at £1799.00, 84lt at £1849.00 and 91lt at £1899.00.
SUP boards are of course 'still as they were' as their season will come to an end around October. Loads of choice in inflatable boards at the moment but they will come to an end as the suppliers are already out of certain models. The composite boards are a nicer thing to ride but there physical size means their market place is more limited but we do have boards from around £749.00.
New Brand in Ladle Land.. we are now able to supply Slingshot Products and they have a mass of Kite, Kitefoil, Windfoil, SUP & Surf foil and the latest in water 'Wing' equipment available. The brand is under a new Importer ship called the Riders Consortium Ltd with Rich Lane (been around the trade a long time) at the helm and Jason Andrews (known as Mr Da Kine as he is the UK Rep) who will be working with Rich by promoting the brand to the shops and general public. 
Their Swing Wing is a 4.2m and retails at £799.00. More of that later..
Think that will have to do as I might overload our website and it will fail to upload (or you will fall asleep) but I do need to mention the rather good event going on here over the weekend.. 'Folk on the Water' ! Yes, it is a music event and you can find out more on their facebook page as I have put their link below.
So, to the weekends weather and tides..
Saturday.. Cyclonic light winds with poss. rain showers in the afternoon..almost certainly due to Wimbledon.
Tide is High at 9.24hrs on a 5.3m
Sunday.. back to light winds from the Nor' East.. oh whoopee doo! Maybe Ok for SUP or for foiling of course.
Tide is High10.23hrs on a 5.5m
As a Final note.. James is out of the shop as he is heading West for a few days so please be patient if you turn up and find a shop full.. I will sort out your Needs as quick as I can! And on that note.... 
Have a Great Weekend!

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