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Latest News - 17/07/2019

Wind Ahoy! Bill's Short'cast is in...

Billy Short . Wednesday weather update:

Hi everybody, it's mid week but we should have a wind forecast because we are going into a 3-4 day windy period, with the Jet Stream busy overhead.
There's a 995mb low out to the north and west and that has brought sailable shortboard wind to North Wales today. That low deepens overnight and shifts a little closer and if you check the local south coast weather sites this evening you'll find we already have a marginal WSW wind at 13-17mph.
Thursday sees me more unsettled weather than of late, and there's a warm front followed by a cold front tracking our way. That means we see morning wind and then a dip, followed by good afternoon wind which should last into the evening. The Met Office give Hove 17-27mph for 3pm.
High mid-day tides always follow a full moon, and so high water may be in the way a bit this week, with high water timed for about 1.12pm on Thursday. The lack of waves however should mean it's easy enough to launch after 3pm.
A second, satellite low forms out west for Friday but this means the Friday wind probably backs to be SSW or even southerly at times. Once again, a warm front tracks through, followed by a cold front, but they mean the wind just could be OK for a later sail on Friday, once the tide has dropped. High water is at about 1.47pm. The Met Office give 15-26 SSW at 4pm.
Weekend sailors will be pleased to hear we have a windy Saturday – and with further wind just possible on Sunday. The Met Office give 18-33mph at 4pm on Saturday, but watch out that we've also a shower front tracking through, which could muck up the wind locally, temporarily. Saturday high water is at 2.21pm, so that suggests a double shift either side of high water, or else a trip to high water sailing spots like Worthing.
Sunday could go either way, as the forecast stands. Bu the Met Office currently give 14-26mph, as I type this, so they are covering all bases. High water on Sunday is at about 3pm.
I'm writing this on Wednesday evening, so we may need to add updates for any day mentioned, nearer the time.

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