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Latest News - 19/07/2019

The Weekend of Two Stories.. Rain and Sun!

 The weekend has arrived!!  Tis the first of the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (mayhem for 6 weeks to follow..) and it is one of Two stories.. wet and windy followed by dry and sunny or that's what they predict at the moment.

At least the rain is warm.. I know as I have just got soaked bringing all the kit in to close up.. so everyone should have a Good Time at some point. 
Wind is on the cards for tomorrow (thunder storms not arrived as yet but they are still forecast to be with us overnight and into Saturday morning) with gusts from the Sou'West of up to 26kts in the afternoon. Nice! 
Sunday sees the winds drop right off and the sun returns, so a nice day for getting the SUP board out for a pleasant paddle (tides are good for the rivers).
One Lady who I expect cannot wait to get out again is Ella from Lancing who bought an O'shea 10'2" x 32" inflatable SUP from us last weekend ( after demoing a couple of boards to work out the size and weight of board that suited her). She was good enough to send a picture and a 'Thank You' which is always really nice to receive.. 
Hello Danny
Took the SUP to lancing tonight and it was perfect! 
Thank you for all your advice on Sunday. 
Kind regards
Thank You Ella!
Running late now so straight to the weekends tide times..
Saturday High is at 14.26hrs on a 5.9m
Sunday High is at 14.55hrs on a 5.8m
My fingers are crossed that the weekend goes to the current weather plan and that everyone gets something out of it! James I believe is back tomorrow so Normal Service will be resumed. Have a great weekend.
date us later on both counts!

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