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Latest News - 19/07/2019

RRD Pocket Rocket 122 is Here!

 It is typical that we now have decent winds just when we wanted to find out about a New Foil board!

A Happy Customer has collected the first of the RRD Pocket Rocket 122lt Foil boards to arrive in the UK and in windsurfing terms it is truly 'tiny' at 180 x 76cm ( I laid next to the board to give a true perspective of its size and you all know how short I am..). The board comes as hull only (no footstraps etc.) and can be used with plate or Tuttle headed foils. There is a useful handle on the underside to help with launch / recovery and the inboard and outboard footstrap positions look well placed (not too far out) for our choppy conditions. The 'chop' could mean that for our waters it is probably a board for those that can already foil rather than a newcomer ( first thoughts..) but once the owner has ridden it we will have feedback as to whether that is right. It should be good with the new 'Wings' and I will update you as soon we have feedback on that side of the boards character as well! Price is £1274.00 should you be interested! 
More later but still on my own here at the mo so struggling to keep up!

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