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Latest News - 19/07/2019

First Review of the Pocket Rocket 122!

 We have the first round of feedback on the Pocket board.. he got out on it on Wednesday.. talk about keep me hangin'on! ;) .

Hi Danny
First thoughts on board.
Used it on Wednesday max 15knots with the Slingshot 75 wing and Severne blade 5.3m sail. 2 front foot straps fitted to board.

First run.. thought oh my god, hope I don’t fall in as this thing is small. First tack was nailed ( just like a short board) but found it quite hard at first to get it in the air / on the wing when the wind dropped. I tried my normal pumping method which I use on the JP 135 which didn’t quite work. The best method I found in the end is to pump the board with back foot further forward and as soon as you get the required speed snap the back foot back over the mast and up she came (*** I have had to delete this 'saying' in case it upset anyone!***) !
In flight it is so stable and very nice not having the extra length flapping around... a real easy board to use. Super stable when not up on the foil, easy to uphaul.. no issues.
I would be happy to put my 6.5 on this in super light winds. Also very easy to carry to the waters edge with the handle on the underside. So don’t be put off with the size as the volume is spot on, Can’t wait to use again!

Cheers from Cheese!
Looking forward to hearing how the Duotone Wing he has works with it... will try and get more info on what 'happens' when the nose pitchs down!

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