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Latest News - 16/08/2019

Oh what a Lovely Summer.. for some??

 7.10pm on an rather wet Friday evening and I have just managed to sit down and start the Friday Night ramble.. must get a proper job! So it is a quickie!

Once again (3 years running now I think?) the summer weather has gone to pot and for those that would hope for just a bit of sun and flat water fun.. i.e. Sit on Kayak and SUP'ing weather that the whole family can enjoy.. it looks like you can forget it again for this weekend unless you have the time and the money to jump on a plane and head to 'where the sun shines brightly' ! But for those that like a bit of 'bad weather' then this summer has been hitting the spot nearly every week since the school hols started and once again they will be smiling with this weekend forecast for wall to wall wind (but the rain this evening has put even the hardiest off the idea... as no waves! Whatever happens I do hope that everyone gets something out of the next two days!
Duotones EPX Carbon Boom is now updated for 2020 with anew look colours scheme and a slight price increase to £519.00 If you have never owned a carbon boom then it is something you should have once in your windsurfing life as your rig will feel 'wing like' and your sails and masts will at last work correctly (flex in the boom does mess things up). But don't believe me .. ask other people that have a carbon boom! (Colour of the new boom is a brighter blue than the pic shows)
Used Windsurfing kit..
JP Freestyle Wave FWS 93lt 2014 . Not in bad nick and has one small area of damage that we will repair before it goes out. £399.00
Quatro KT Quad 76lt 2011. A board that many 'wanted' when they were launched and these boards are still a good South Coast high wind ride. It has a bit of deck compression on both sides of the mastrack (extension) but not soft. It also has the sort after Ultra Maui fin set which a lot of owners reckoned upped the boards speed and upwind performance (not cheap either). £215.00 ono!
This one has been with us a while but is worth a re-mention as it is a board suitable as a first time foil board due to its Deep Tuttle box. An AHD Diamond Race 72! Super light and super tough plus it has two race fins should you wish to do a bit of winter series racing.. or perhaps a summer series when we have one! £199.00!
If anyone is looking for a tough but cheap set of wave sails these may well suit your needs! No pics but in the shop if you wish to view!
North Ego Code Blackberry 2011 4.2m VGC £85.00
North Ego 2010 4.7m VGC £75.00
North Ego 2010 5.3m GC £65.00
Weather and tides..
Winds are from the Sou-Sou West and forecast to build over night (with the rain) gusting to 35kts. It will then back around more to the Sou West and drop back to around 20-25kts for both Saturday and Sunday. Not much rain shown at the moment for both days.. at the moment. 
Tides are..
Saturday 13.32hrs on a 6m
Sunday 13.59hrs on a 6m
Both days good for Shoreham.. an early morning session (up to 11am'ish) and then a break for a spot of lunch.. and then a later afternoon session kicking off at approx 3pm depending upon shore break size.
I think I have bored you enough so off home sodding I am! 
Have a great British Summer Weekend.... ENJOY! :) 

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