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Latest News - 23/08/2019

It's the August Bank Holiday Weekend!!

 Here we go then.. The Last Bank Holiday Weekend of Summer 2019 and it looks to be one of Sun Sun SUN for all THREE DAYS.. how amazing is that!

That should bring a smile to all of those people who have had their Beach Life on Hold since end of July (it is amazing how many people 'appear' when the sun shines) and we expect the 'SUP and Sit On Armada' to be in full flight by Saturday afternoon. Not much forecast in the way of wind but let's be honest.. we have had more than our fair share in the last six weeks, so let's not get too greedy.
One thing I am not sure about is the traffic issues the exodus from the inland areas to the beaches will bring but that is something we all will have to 'tolerate' as it is never going to be better in the future than it is now! 
Posted a clip of Gray Highsted on his Wing earlier today and although he was using a low drag foil it does show that the Wings are fairly quick to get a grip on how to use as Gray has probably used his 5 times now. Although the Duotone Wing system is aimed at performance 'Winging' we still believe that *our main area of sales will be to the owners of inflatable SUP boards, as a Wing continues the 'fun' when the winds mess up the paddling. Due to availability I think this will be The Toy for Summer 2020.
* And as soon as they are popular good old Amazon will be selling them 'by drones'.. :) .. as most Wings are easily transportable in a small cardboard box!
Re. SUP boards.. we are now getting close to the end of Summer Clearance time but currently we still have our range of Demo Inflatable boards that you can try out before deciding on what to purchase. If you have been considering 'taking the plunge' then give us a call and book yourself in over the weekend (we are here all three days as per our Opening Times below.. ) to Test out a board or two. We can then supply you with a nice New I-SUP Board at the best deal possible. Don't forget that we still have a few composite boards left in stock as per the Starboard LiteTech Tourer and their 10'5" Wide Point all round board.. one left of each size and at £799.00 for the Tourer (amazing price!) and £749.00 for the WP there is nothing else quite like them. Price includes a Paddle and a Leash! Moving on.. 
Our Opening Times for the Weekend are...
Saturday it's 9.30 - 5.30pm
Sunday and Monday its 10.00 - 4.00pm
Closed as normal on Tuesday so don't turn up then thinking we will be open because of the Bank Holiday!
The weekends weather is straight forward.. sunny if the forecast is correct with light winds from the Sou'East on Saturday, slowly turning to a Southerly over Sunday and Cyclonic winds by Monday. For the wind addicts next Wednesday may produce usable wind.
The High Tide times are..
Saturday 17.38hr on a 5.0m
Sunday 19.11hrs on a 4.9m
Monday 20.37hrs on a 5.1m
We do hope you all have a fun time over the Holiday weekend and you have to admit it's  'great to have Summer back for a few more days..  and don't forget the Sun screen ! 

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