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Latest News - 13/09/2019

HEAT plus used SUP. Used Boats, Used Boards and Windsurf Mag now in!

 HEAT! Yes the heat is on for the Weekend (some forecasters say 25° :) so forget all of those MUST do jobs or driving somewhere to find enough wind to do wind sports  (Nor-West winds Saturday) and head down to the beach to enjoy the warm water and SUN! It is going to be a SUP and Sit-On couple of days and we can help in both departments! 

SUP Boards, we have a pretty good range of Inflatable's and a range of composites as well.  The solid boards do feel so much nicer to paddle. They sit low in the water which makes them more stable and they glide so much easier,  plus you don't have to pump'em up!! Yep, all of which is great,  just as long as you have somewhere to store them plus a vehicle that can carry the blighters, so the inflatable boards still outsell them in massive numbers!
As this could be the last throws of summer we will be applying a little extra discount to the boards.. so there's another reason to enjoy the weekend! 
We also have a Used Red Paddle 9'8". This is a board with side battens to make it flex as little as possible. It suits the lighter weight rider of up to 70kg for all round use or as a smaller wave style of board for a heavier rider. A great board for the Ladies and Youngsters! It has the bag, Titan Pump, paddle, leash and it is priced at £399.00.
SIT-On wise we have a couple of used Frontiers.. a Sea Spray (yellow) which is an all round boat for up to 120kg rider (fitted with Twin Fishing Rod Holders and a Storage hatch) and then we have the smaller and 'nimble' Sprinter which has twin hatches and suits up to a 75kg rider ( it sits quite low in the water but is great fun to paddle.. I know.. I have one). Both come with backrests and paddles.. priced at a reasonable £250.00 each!
I cannot forget the wind sports totally as we have just taken in a range of Simmer Quantum Windsurf boards from 2019. Two have been used (115lt and the 95lt ) but the 90lt has never been 'wetted' (hence it is inside the shop on a rack). Prices are not yet decided but it will be around the £1K mark for the Used and a tad and a bit more for the un-used. Give us a Call if they spark an interest! We also have a Used Elite Panther 2 5.2m (will be around £150.00 as VGC) and an Immac. Ezzy Cheetah 7.5m,  which we also have a used Ezzy 460cm mast for .. prices and pics to be announced but Call if it's possibly one for you!
Carbon Booms.. do they improve your sailing? OH YES seems to be the answer and tomorrow (fingers crossed) I will put a testimonial on the page from one of the two local sailors who have recently spent their hard earned cash on something they thought they did not really need.. but could not believe how it changed their sailing 'experience' (yes.. I am talking booms here.. honest!). I will also name the other so you can quiz them on their excitement.. but! More of that tomo!
Last of all.. WINDSURF MAG is now available! 
So to the weather and the Tides for this weekend..
Saturday will have Sun, 12kt wind from the Nor'West and the Tide will be High at 12.35hrs on a 6.1m (RIVER PADDLING!!)
Sunday will have more Sun (maybe clouds in the afternoon) with light cyclonic winds and the Tide hits High at 13.31hrs on another 6.1m (more RIVER PADDLING!).
Have a Great Weekend and whatever you do ..AVOID the  GOODWOOD area as it is the Revival Weekend

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