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Latest News - 20/09/2019

The Last of the Summer.. WHINE!!

 It is a very QUICK post as I have to leave a tad early and I am NOT playing silly buggers with our Facebook page and its inherent Posting issue again this week.. so here it is and please forgive an typos!

Today and tomorrow are the Last of the Summer Wine.. as from Sunday, if the forecast is correct, it will be replaced by the Whine of the Wind. We have had a glorious sunny week and as usaul it will all come to an abrupt end.  Every cloud has a silver lining and this change will bring a smile to some people's faces as the forecast looks very good for wave sailing. Sadly the weather will not only be windy but could also be a very wet one.. just goes to show that you don't get a Nice Week for free in the UK! 
This is just typical of my luck. I am off for the week and will not have an opportunity to make use of the wind.. so I guess I will just have to SOAK up the rain! It's a blinder of a forecast so take a look at the Windguru version by clicking here!. (will have updated if you are looking at a later date!) 
James will be on hand so drop him an email or give him a call if there is anything you need (please don't  use Facebook Messenger as we don't always get notification and he may not have a lot of time to check it). No begging letters please! :) 
Tides are ..
Saturday High is at 16.04hrs on a 5.4m 
Sunday High is at 17.01hrs on a 5.0m.
I hope your Friday Night / Weekend  all go well and that your week to follow is a cracker, full of fun!.
I shall back with you a week tomorrow. 
Cheery Pip.

Thanks to Medi man for the tiny pic depicting.. me!

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