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Latest News - 04/10/2019

And here is todays Weekend Blog.. Pin Badges!

 Ok.. Who was it that prayed for the wind?? Could they please add the temperature next time as I am friggin freezin in shorts!  OK, I am not a postman and could therefore wear longs but it's a tradition thing and I always stay in shorts until the Clocks Change, otherwise winter is way too long! 

It was quite a shock to see 2 degrees on the thermometer yesterday morning along with frost on the roof as well! Not good, in my opinion, for early October and I was hoping that Lorenzo would boost that back up as he, or rather it sweeps past or through the UK during today and tomorrow (forecasts differ so much that I don't really know what we can expect!). Ireland seems to have had a battering so our predicted light winds for Saturday seem a bit odd. Maybe Bill Short can through some light on what may occur??
And whilst mentioning the cold..  more New winter suits have arrived and we have a limited number of 'special offers' on a range from last year that was particularly
popular. We do of course also have other Winter and Summer suits on Offer.. not every size or in every model but worth dropping by for a looksee..  if you'd like to save a lot ! 
Todays winds have offered fun and frustration.. the frustration as it has been slightly offshore making getting out difficult (a strong side rip as well by all accounts) but the pay back and fun were the waves for the ride back in! That looks to be it for the next few days as you will have to move West on Sunday as the winds are currently shown as Nor' West which usually means a trip to the Witterings or Bracklesham. Some say Seaford / Tidemills actually works on a Nor' West.. can anyone confirm that ?
Earlier today I posted re. Clive B's Big Birthday and that brought a comment from Steve Sinnhuber ( he owns  Learn to .. Worthing based kite school) re. him owning a copy of the book signed by the late and great Angus Chater at the London Boat show, which was big on Windsurfing at that time (if you don't know who Angus Chater was just Google his name.. very sad end to a guiding light within Windsurfing). So Memorabilia is the subject and here is something that I think will make someone somewhere go.. 'Wow'! 
Pin Badges were a form of advertising 'back in the day' and also an association badge worn by many to show what you were about and where you had been. This was probably a spinoff of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides badges we were all MADE to achieve as youngsters.. did not enjoy  Scouts but always wanted to join the Guides! :)  Errr.. moving on..  You do see a few on eBay etc. but when Neil Allan walked in with this collection of 42 all in great condition I must admit I was shocked. I remembered the Tiga and Ultra Profile badges being on sale in Surfladle but had never seen so many windsurfing pin badges all together. Neil acquired them in bulk purchases of surf memorabilia (he is an ex. local coastguard who collects surf and body boarding kit from all over the place for his personal 'museum' called the Awesome Swells Surf Shack .. Click here to visit ) but they are not 'his bag' and asked if we knew of anyone who would be interested in having them, so here they are for all to see and YOU could own them. 
Although Neil has had a pretty rough time of it medically over the last few years and could probably do with the cash,  he is happy to part with them for a fair donation made to a charity.. no specific one.. just let us know if you are interested and we will liaise with Neil, so that everyone is happy.  It would be a shame to break them up so a One Buyer scenario suits but we will look at anybodies 'claim' should a particular badge be on their wanted list.  Please pass this post on as there could be Windsurfers all over the World interested in these...
Now for the weekends weather and tides..
Saturday the winds are forecast to be 8-12kts from the Nor' East and then swinging to an Easterly in the afternoon.. which will probably flatten the current swell. :( 15° and no rain.
Tides are High at 16.45hrs on a 5.3m .
Sunday the winds back round to the Nor'West and increase 18-27kts (that may change depending upon 'its' track). 16° and sunny!
Tides are High at 17.47hrs on a 4.9m
And that's that for another Friday blog... sorry it was a long one!
Please forgive any bad grammar or typos,  have a cracker of a weekend and please do drop by if your wallet / purse is feeling a little heavy..  as we are here to help! 


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