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Latest News - 11/10/2019

Cyclonic Irrigation, Howlers and the Mega Store!

 Yes.. it is here.. it's THE WEEKEND!! 

What a lovely weather pattern we seem to have at the moment. All well and good if you like wind and rain of course but no so hot if you were hoping from that 'Indian Summer' we were promised back in August when the weather was pretty similar to what it is now (maybe 'Indian Summer' now means wet and windy?). Anyway.. you can't make the rain stop by complaining so let's all have a Good a Weekend as we can.
Tonight's post is really short.. not having the same fiasco as last week and running extremely late tonight.. so I have listed a few items of excitement that have arrived in the Mega Store this week (thanks to Paul Bran for 'the Mega Store'. I think he may be taking the..).
First Up..
Pro Limit launched their Mercury 6/4mm suit last year and boy was it a well received suit throughout Europe (sales numbers actually caught them out and they could not supply the demand). Even though the standard 6/4mm suit was really warm,  for 2020 they have added a Super Warm 6/4 called the Mercury Thermal Rebound. Super reflective interior materials keep you 'cooking' , just as long as you get into it warm (so go for a quick jog prior!). Price is very competitive at £329.00.
ION.. two of their hard back harnesses just in. The Riot Curv 14 for the Kiters (new bar lock system and spreader with std. hook and rope, plus super easy webbing cam lock buckles) at £309.00 
and then there is the New and Improved Icon 14 for the Windsurfers at £229.00. Hard back offers greater support for longer sessions.. out on the water!
Cold feet ?? ION Magma 6/5mm Split Toes are now in and have a plush lining to keep your feet toasty and makes getting them on a doddle.. £49.00
And finally.. whether you SUP, Surf, Kite, Windsurf, Canoe or just plain old SWIM.. a Personal Flotation Device could be just what you need! PFD's can take away those concerns that some of you  (and us..)  have about being out 'alone' on the water (most of my sailing nowadays is under a 'billy no mates' scenario). The belt is not cumbersome but if things go array it means you ahve a life vest that you can inflate to keep you 'hanging around' until the Recovery Company turns up. However, you may not be bothered but just remember that your partner on dear old Mum may well be! 
Red Paddles version is £99.95 and looks really well made.
That's that.. now to the weather and tides.
Saturday.. light 'cyclonic irrigation' (that's wind and rain :) winds and not a lot else.. High Tide is at 11.31hrs on a 6m, so really good for River Paddling with a rain coat on!
Sunday the Howlers return from the South (some say gusting 36kts in the afternoon when the tide is right for Shoreham) and the rain is not making much of an appearance.. so that will make for very happy windy people.. everybody gets something this weekend! Tide is High at 12.01hrs on a 6.1m.
And that's ya lot.. I'm off home to have a bite and a sleep before the next two days of 'Mega Store' trading! 
Larger pics can be seen on our facebook page. The wetsuit and harnesses are still to be added to the website so give us a call or enquire if you are interested!

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