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Latest News - 13/10/2019

Used Ezzy sails and a mast section just in!

 Used Sails and a mast section just in! One customer has decided to change his complete Quiver of Ezzy Wave SE sails after only 10 years of service (they still look in really good condition! Has changed for the new Ezzy Wave and Zeta sails) and another has decided to hang up his windsurfing boots and call it a day. List as below with sail colours .. (too wet and windy to take pics at the mo!)

Ezzy Wave SE 2008 in Red Colourway
* Sails marked as GC as the Ezzy logo white screen printing is flaking. No repairs or holes in any of them!
£600.00 accepted for whole set.. which would only buy you one new 3.5m.
3.5m VGC £115.00
4.0m VGC £115.00
*4.5m GC £105.00
*5.0m GC £110.00
*5.5m GC £115.00
*6.3m GC £120.00
Ezzy Panther Elite 2013 (both Blue Colourway)
4.2m VGC £200.00
4.7m VGC £205.00
Ezzy Tiger (5 batten)
4.2m 2012 VGC £195.00 Yellow Colourway
4.7m 2013 VGC £205.00 Green Colourway
Ezzy Hookipa 370cm mast base section GC £135.00

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