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Latest News - 18/10/2019

Wind, Rain , Wet suits and Dry ones too!

 Late late late! Yes, as always Friday night has run away with my time and so it has to be a very quick post once again! The weather is just amazing.. October is really throwing everything at us this year and to be honest I think it got the rain percentage slightly out..way too much and everybody seems fed up with it (I am as my van seems to have sprung a leak!).

The Wind speeds have been all over the place and once again we seem to be into the not a lot one moment to super strong the next. It is howling as I write this and the shop has that horrible pressure buffeting going on.. makes your inner ear ache! The temps have been dropping away as well (trying to find the damned leak into the interior on my van and noticed that the hands were getting a little chilly') so two items to bring to your notice this week..
For the last two years we've had a very popular guys winter suit called the Mercury, by Pro Limit, so for this year we thought it only fair to stock the new Girls version called the Fire X. As per the Mercury it has a double sided opening neck seal system (much easier to get into and take off, the actual neck seal seems to stay in place rather than gap at the back when you put your head forward) and has the same quick drying, moisture wicking Zodiac lining that also makes getting the suits on and off much easier for the girls. Why is that you say? Well, guys generally have hairy bodies and all of those hairs allow the suits materials to slide over it making it reasonably easy to get on.. but Ladies and kids on the other hand have very little body hair and the standard double lined neoprene in most wetsuits tends to 'stick' like glue, especially if they start to 'perspire' ! Zodiac being a plush material does not have the same stick factor so the Girls have a far easier time.. but do not believe me, just come and try one! The suit is a super stretchy 5/3mm and has a very competitive price of £199.00!
Next up.. Pro Limits Nordic SUP Drysuit! Yes, it seems that specialised Drysuits are required for SUP and the two main differences between an all other sports suit and this suit are... 1. A front zip with a stretch panel in the lower back which are both there to allow for the forward leaning posture you adopt when paddling.
2. No dry Neck seal as the body heat generated even on a freezing cold day when paddling has to be vented and the rider needs to be able to open and close the neck seal as needs be.
This of course means there is a risk of flooding the suit if the neck seal was open (not good as the dry ankle seals and wrist seals means the suit holds water making it almost impossible for the wearer to get out of the water or climb back onto a board or into a boat) but the thought is that if you are flat water distance paddling you are very unlikely to go under if you slip off the side. SUP Boarder did a test and they thought the neck seal worked pretty well.. the link is…/prolimit-nordic-supsuit/
If you are surf paddling I would say you need a suit with a full set of seals and if you buy one please DO learn how to exhaust the suit of air.
The suit is super light, breathable and has adjustable waist bands to pull the mid area of the suit in for a better fit. Price is £399.00.
And now for the weekends weather and tides..
Saturday the Beeb say sunny with light to moderate winds from the Sou'West.. whereas Windguru say fresh winds from the Sou'West in the morning with rain and then the winds drop back to moderate around 1pm when the rain stops.. take your choice! Tides are High 14.58hrs on a 5.8m so Shoreham will be good for windsports in the morning.
Sunday they agree that the winds will be light to moderate from the Nor' East and.. NO RAIN!! Yahoo! Tides are High at 15.42hrs on a 5.4m
And that is it.. Have a great time!

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