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Latest News - 25/10/2019

Oh Nooo.. it's HERE!! The Weekend of Doom..

 This is's here..  the one I dread.. it's the weekend that ends British SUMMER TIME! Darkness returns!!.

Yes, sadly the Clocks Go Back this weekend and those wonderful light evenings are officially a distant memory for fine months . 
I am sorry but that is a lot of precious  'Life Time'  to be missing out on and the older you get the more you start to panic over any form of lost time!
Note. I know that some of you (as per the 'comments'  last year..) do love the 'cozy by the fire' winter evenings so I will concede that it does have a certain charm..but it just goes on too long.. in my opinion! :)
Not the only sad thing about this particular weekend either, as the Pier to Pier Kite Race has had to be cancelled due to the wind forecast being too much! 
A week last Wednesday the forecast was for Nor' West winds and then last weekend we were discussing the possibility of changing the direction of the race (Brighton to Worthing) as the winds were looking to be from the Sou' East.  We then get the current forecast with winds gusting to 40kts from the Sou' West, which would be fine for the kitesurfers but would make launching the 'required' support boats a no no so the event HAD to be cancelled (not like the old days.. Safety is now paramount and you can no longer 'wing it'). All of that work 'blown out' by too much wind is so sad but please be aware that the Big Party at Sussex Yacht Club in Shoreham tomorrow evening is still on! Hopefully all of the competitors who have come down 'anyhow' will have a great day on the water at our local beaches (please make them welcome!) and an even greater time at the party with the gang from Lancing Kitesurf Club..who will not be kind to them.  ;). 
Please Note time..  Please, please, please do not stage your own race tomorrow. I believe a group have indicated that they will (which we can all understand..) but the Port Authority have stated that if anyone gets into trouble in the Port's area and the Rescue services have to be called they will no longer be able to sanction the event and that will be the end of it. If the Port says 'No' then there cannot be a Pier to Pier Race which is already scheduled for three dates in 2020.. I am sure we would all like to see it happen! Maybe do Bognor to Worthing if you must? 
And then there's the Rugby.. the Semi Finals weekend with two UK Teams in for the Kill..  fingers are crossed.  England versus Wales  (alphabetical order..) would be great but we shall see. 
So it looks as though Saturday will be a busy day whatever. I mention Sunday in the weather and it is one to keep an eye on  SUP wise as we 'could' have waves to play on!
Used kit.. a couple of windsurfing boards have arrived.. 
2012 Witchcraft Wave 89lt V3 in the SDT construction. 15.5cm fin with 14.5cm sides.
 The board has a few dings on the underside but overall it's in good condition and the owner is looking for £399.00.
2011 Goya Custom Quad 92lt in good condition.. a quad board that does actually work well in our conditions! The owner would like £349.00
We also have these Used sails...
Goya Eclipse 4.7m 2012 VGC £200.00
Goya Nexus 6.4m 2012 VGC £250.00
Goya Nexus 7.5m 2012 As New £265.00
Neil Pryde Fly Mk2 5.1m 2011 GC £140.00
And now the weather.. for the Weekend of Doom!
Saturday. Winds from the  Sou' Sou' West  27kts Gusting a mere 42kts.High Tide is at 10.34hrs on a 6.4m which is great for Shoreham in the afternoon but 'No Water' at Worthing.
Sunday.. yep, WINTER IS HERE.. Winds from The North with Temps of 10°.. wonderful SUP weather though as there could be a great wave first thing,  as the wind is against the swell!
Tide is High at 10.20am (due to the Clocks going back!) on a 6.7m Biggy.. do watch out if you are paddling the estuary when the tide starts to go out as it will really flow on a 6.7m.
And that is it for another Friday eve.. 
Have a Wonderful Weekend and watch out for those early Halloween Addicts 👀.  Boo! 😈 

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