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Latest News - 01/11/2019

Rugby and Wind..but maybe too much Wind for this weekend!

November the 1st and we are still in Europe.. what will they think of next! Anyhow, here we go again.. it's a Windy Weekend and possibly a 'stunningly windy' Saturday if the BBC are right.
Current predictions are.. BBC say gusting 61kts from the Sou'West and heavy rain probable whereas Windguru are slightly less enthusiastic and say gusting 47kts Sou' West but also keen on the rain front (that was as of 5pm today). Sadly those sort of wind speeds will make the day 'a waste' for most but Sunday could be classic 'if' the current wind forecast remains. Westerly wind of approx 20kts with the swell still running from the day before should bring really good wave sailing during the morning (tides are High mid afternoon).
If the winds are lighter then SUP will come into play or even Foils if they can be launched 'happily'. Hopefully there will be something for ALL but worth keeping those fingers crossed that Saturdays wind speeds have been over predicted!
Tomorrow is also going to be about a Rugby match which I am sure will keep quite a few 'in' for the duration and although I won't get to watch it I will be happy, as if it is like last Saturday the roads will be a pleasure to use instead of the usual chaotic mix of cyclists and cars causing delays and frustration.. just hope there are no trees down!
The 2006 Slalom board I posted on Wednesday (on our facebook page) went very quick. Probably as it turned out to be a 2011 model (this was not my fault I hasten to add). A happy ending though as the new owner is chuffed to bits and the old owner is quite happy that he has credit for his next purchase. There are still the three very nice Used Wave boards up for grabs though..
Goya Custom Quad 92lt 2011 VGC £349.00
RRD Firewave Limited 112lt 2014 VGC £385.00
(sold in 2016 so not as old as it sounds)
Witchcraft Wave 89lt V3 SDT 2012 GC £399.00
Now onto the weekends weather..
Saturday is Friggin Windy! (Winguru just upped it to 55Kts and direction Sou' Sou' West) with the High Tide at 14.27hrs on a 5.7m. Wet.
Sunday has been Upped as well, now gusting 27kt Sou'West backing West later. Rain once again and the High is at 15.13hrs on a 5.3m. Glad to see that ITV have chosen a good picture for the weekends winds!
That is it.. I hope the weekend kicks off with a great game and please do take care (especially if you start the day in a pub at 9am!!) as if it looks 'too much' from the beach it will be twice as bad out on the water.. make the right call and save the RNLI a Shout !

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