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Latest News - 08/11/2019

What!.. really?.. never! Yes. it's the Weekend.. or is it?

 What! A Weekend again... already?? Oh Yes, but this one is not going to be quite as 'lively' wind or rain wise as the last one, which to be honest was fun for a brave few but a waste of good wind for the majority. The severity of the wind (80mph at Shoreham and 109mph at the Needles) caught a lot of people out and to be fair we were not expecting it to be gusting quite as hard as it did, as nearly all recent Storm forecasts have generally and understandably over estimated the wind speeds. Storms will come and go but holes in our conservatory seem to be a pain forever!

Now, did you know that all of that wind was totally wasted on the wind farm? Yes, sadly it has not produced any power since the 26th October due to an electrical fault (someone said that the marker lights were out the other night but I had not noticed). I did however laugh at the National grids comment.. 'The outage would have "no impact on energy supply" in the area'. Well that's good to know..sort of. Hmmmm..
The weeks weather also turned out to be a little different from the forecasts and especially yesterday. It has become slightly frustrating to try and find a 'forecast' that is accurate for the next day as most only seem to get it right by the time you wake up. 'Rain all day ' it said the night before so plans were changed to fit. Turned out to be one shower and then Sun all day.. sorry to moan but that is annoying. The wind which was also forecast for the coast (which quite a few of you had pencilled in..) did not appear either.. even more annoying I'm sure! I do think we could.. should have better forecasts in this day and age... Bill?? :)
How many of you knew that just down the road was a manufacturer of Windsurfing Slalom and Race fins?? I would expect the majority of people who have been around the sport 'a while' will have heard of F-Hot but how many know of Foilworx?? Worryingly we did not (anyone that did please comment.. Andy S-W??) but then our area has very little to do with that form of windsurfing, at the moment!
They are part of the White Composites company based in Arundel and currently sell their Windsurfing Fins direct but they are hoping to expand into larger scale manufacturing and leaving the sales side to a retail Dealer Network (we are looking into it). This is great news as we do need home based water sports manufacturing companies and with a bit of luck they will be able to expand their business into other areas of carbon fibre sports kit (Foils for one) and hopefully become a large local employer and exporter of UK produced products. Well someone has to provide work for all of the people moving into this area. :) Good luck Foilworx! Link below...
Whilst I am mentioning Carbon fibre a quick heads up to anyone who has been thinking about purchasing the superlight 420g Duotone Uni XT Aero RDM extension.. currently priced at £169.00. The 2020 model has had its price increased to £215.00 so if you are happy with a 2019 model call as we have two arriving shortly!
(Note. we do of course have other companies very lightweight extensions available and also reasonable weight ones.. as well).
Enough of my ramblings for this Friday night.. time for the weekends weather and Tides.
Saturdays winds, we believe, at this moment in time, but only allegedly, will be coming from a point on the compass and will register somewhere on the Beaufort scale, which taking a guess could possibly be pretty much from the South, 9kts in the morning building to 17kts late afternoon. Rain is likely from 1pm onwards and reckoned to dowse any bonfire celebrations during the evening (FUN IS NOT ALLOWED!). Sorry but not my fault.
The Tide will be High at 09.15hrs on a 5.6m unless a God says otherwise.
Sunday it is reckoned to be from the Nor' East 20kts in the morning and dropping to 9kts by mid afternoon.. no rain is possible but maybe probable. The Tide will follow Natures Laws (I have mentioned a God and now feel I should even things up a bit..) and will hit it's all time High at 09.49hrs on a 5.9m.
And there you have it. That's it for this Friday and I hope you all have a great weekend enjoying the things you love or hate to do... life is too short to worry!!

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