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Latest News - 15/11/2019

HO HO HO.. Tis the Weekend!

 Oh yes everyone.. Tis the Weekend and a Very Merry Christmas to You All! 

Yes, Christmas is here! Honest, it is, and this is why.
Last week I passed by a New Development of Luxury Homes in Wisborough Green (the type that the kids from Mayfair can all afford...) and there in the front room of the show house was what I thought looked like a Christmas Tree! I had to go and have a look to make sure I was right.. sadly I was..  and it was in full bauble and fairy light regalia! Surely someone was 'premature' as it was the first week of November? I thought to myself ' there is always one' and promptly forgot about it. It then became apparent that I was the one at fault .. call me 'late ' why don't you.. as driving back from Reigate last night I passed two pubs which had full on blazing neo lit Christmas trees in the car park and Merry Christmas signs as well!  I am really sorry as I guess I must have missed something but I could have sworn Christmas came after that other great Holy event.. BLACK FRIDAY!  So, is it just me or....  Happy New Year!
As I mentioned in the post earlier today I do not have much time this eve as have to get out of the door Pronto (it has been a busy old day, one way or another in the Megastore..) so I will have to cut to the chase and go straight to the weekends weather, which looks OK for Foils Saturday AM and the SUP River paddling as the High Tide is early afternoon and are of a reasonable size to put a lot of water up stream. 
Saturday we have winds from roughly the East, up to 14kts in the morning and then down to 8kts in the afternoon. Tide is High at 13.04hrs on a 6.1m. Rain showers possible.
Sunday morning the winds stay from the East at around 8kts and then back round to the North late afternoon. Tide is High at 13.44hrs on a 5.8m. Rain showers are even more possible!
Short and sweet and Out the Door!
Have a great weekend even if the weather is depressing.. it's got to be better than Working!
(Many Thanks to Cardiff Student Media for the Picture!)

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