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Latest News - 22/11/2019

TV ad's, Ricardo Reception, Used Kit's the Weekend !

 Yes!.. it is the weekend once more and did you know that there are only 34 Shopping Days to Christmas?? I was proclaimed to be negative about Christmas in last weeks blog so this week I am truly Mr Positive... really! 

TV Christmas Adverts. It is the Season to be jolly (soon) and on a rare occasion when I watch 'the box' I saw Sainsbury's Christmas Extravaganza Advert. Quite liked it as it is one of those that makes you think 'what the heck is this about'.. a lot of content and was doing really well until the end when the narrator wished ME a "Merry Christmas"..perhaps they could have added that when we were a little closer to the 'time'? Next up was Marks & Spencers Christmas Jumper advert which was again 'interesting', for the first time, but in my opinion it got a bit.. no.. a lot irritating after it was shown four times whilst watching Guy Martins Fastest Tractor prog (had to watch that as Shoreham's Ricardo Engineering had a lot of input and I love the lady who works on their Reception.. what a star she is!). They are the only two I've seen  so far and already I am aware that adverts are dangerous things and can work the wrong way, as there is no WAY now that I would buy a jumper from M&S. But hey, that is not a moan... just things I have noted. Now for the Used Kit just in..
We have just taken in (about 50 mins ago) a Used Three Times Starboard Longboard 9'0" x 28" Pine Tek 2019.
It is immac. and comes with a pre-waxed nose as well (we can clean it off if you like ;) . The board still has a 10 Month Starboard warranty so at £1095.00 it is a beautiful Buy.
If you would like to see a Test the link is
Two Ezzy Taka 3 Sails arrived yesterday..
2017 5.0m (one small patch repair) £260.00
2017 4.5m in VGC £265.00 
Last but not least.. a Tushingham RDM 400cm mast in GC for £100.00 ono! Bend curve of these was just constant curve just verging into Flex Top, so it will rig a lot of sails 'comfortably'.
OK.. the weekend weather (what a change this week.. -5°C on Tuesday morning.. 9°CV this morning!)...
Saturday the South Easterly continues.. stronger in the morning (30kts) and dropping back in the afternoon (21kts) with rain showers likely but quite warm at 12°C. Tides are High at 08.16hrs on a 5.9m so a perfect tide for Shoreham after 10.30am 'ish.
Sunday the winds turn to the South and light during the morning (8kts) and building throughout the afternoon (18kts) as a prequel to the stronger winds arriving on Monday for the next week. Tide is High at 9.09hrs on a 6.2m.. no rain if we are lucky and a temp of 12°C.
And that is that.. have a great weekend and 'Keep Shopping' !

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