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Latest News - 06/12/2019

Friday Night.. need a Grinch but the lights are on.. and Used Kit as well!

 Friday evening with only two more Weekends to go before... Yes, the Stress of Christmas is building, you can almost taste it in the air! I reckon that means it's time to sit down and watch 'The Grinch', Jim Carrey version of course..  that always puts me into my Festive Mood! In fact it might have come early this year as on Wednesday the Surfladle Christmas Illuminations went up.. and then 'on'.. after I managed to find the timer! I'm beginning to get worried that I might be starting to enjoy it all....Na! 

 It's another quickie tonight as I need to get off home to continue decorating the bedroom.. it's great living the Dream! The weekends weather has something for everyone, that does not mind venturing out onto the water during the early Winter months. Saturday is a lighter wind day which should suit SUP (the tides are Neaps so the Rivers won't have a lot of water in them) and also Kites that want slightly less wind than is arriving on Sunday.. it's also looking to be the driest of the two days (has any Party said that it will make Weekends three days yet?? Still considering the Free Broadband offer.. ). 
Sunday is a Blow'yer Christmas Stockings off sort of day with the winds coming in from the West at quite a pace, which will carry on with slight intervals during the whole of next week.. Christmas has come early for some! :)
Tide Tables.. we should have our 2020 Tables for Shoreham in the shop at some point tomorrow. Signs will go up in the windows when they have arrived. As usual we do not *charge and are happy to supply a wad to Local Clubs etc. who would like to hand out to their members.. please just ask. 
*We do however 'suggest' that a small donation into the Lifeboat is always appreciated! 
Quick reminder of the Used kit that we have at the moment.. a nice selection of good quality Wave boards
with a good price spread and a very good selection of Wave sails.. two very nice Ezzy Tigers amongst them! The Tiger is a 5 batten sail and has a great power range which can be 'tuned' by outhaul adj. . £195.00 for the 2012 4.2m and £205.00 for the 2013 4.7m. Both are pretty much like new so you will get a hack of a lot of sailing for your £400.00 (wear and 'tear' is the cost of the sport..). All of the sails and boards are listed on the website but some are just as a list (look in the 'All Used Boards (or Sails) not yet shown on the site') which I am trying to get onto the site 'proper'.
So to the Weather and the Tides..
Saturday the winds are pretty much from the West and running at 13-18kts. Looks to be a dry day. Tide is High at 07.22hrs on a 5.1m.
Sunday the Winds are again from the West but the pace picks up to 24-38kts (should make a few peops smile..). Looks like being soggy in the afternoon. Tide is High at 08.16hrs on a 5.4m.
If you were thinking of putting up you outside decorations I would perhaps put that on hold for a few days... 
Have a great weekend and pack as much fun into it as you can! 

Click Here to see the Christmas Lights... GO ON, you know you want too!

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