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Latest News - 07/12/2019

Weather Update

Bill Short has sent over a weekend update on the weather.

 Weekend wind update, Saturday:
The Met Office give an afternoon wind peak of 16-23mph for Saturday but, at 10am, we have less than forecast. The WSW wind should pick up as the sun burns through, but I'm not expecting to sail – unless it tempts with 20mph+
Sunday is obviously the windier weekend day and the hope is that it doesn't get too windy, not least because of the wind chill. Sunday starts with maybe 12 degrees but then air temperatures drop to 10 then 9 degrees over the day as a shower front tracks through.
The early wind also backs from W to WSW and the Met Office give a 2pm wind peak of 28-43mph so that may be too windy for some. With the wind a bit lighter in the morning there's an argument for heading over to Worthing to sail just after high water, with the tide on the drop – rather than waiting for windier lower tide at Hove or Shoreham. Afternoon showers at about 3pm may also muck up the late wind.
Low water is at about 2.40pm and it's a bigger tide than we saw on Friday – so it will go out further.
I'm probably staying local and going for the tide on the drop at Hove, launching sometime after 11am.
I checked my winter wetsuit still fits, but now I have to find some boots and maybe a neoprene hat.

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