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Latest News - 20/12/2019

Tis the last 'It's the Weekend' of 2019.. You Lucky People!

 Yes, it's the Weekend and it's the one that usually goes something like..  "OMG.. I still havent done the Christmas shopping".  It's hard to believe that 2019 is almost done and by this time next week Christmas will have faded from your thoughts , that is until the credit card bill comes through the email (door sounded better but not eco friendly..). Then it's just New Years to finish things off.

Weird as it may seem, I have a feeling that we won't be having a White Christmas this year (I have not even heard it mentioned..). It will be more of a dirty brown with the current rate of flooding! Even the M23 had to close this morning,  which caused a lot of grief as customers missed their flights at Gatwick! I had to make two detours to get here (apologies if you were here at 9.30am ..) and I am wondering which way to head home tonight as the Tide is High at the mo. Heavy rain is on the cards over the weekend so if you are heading our way I would check what roads are open before you set off. 
The Australians are having record High temperatures and a lot of the place is on fire, whereas we are getting so much friggin rain I doubt if you could even start a fire.. what will come next? 
So this is the last Friday Night post of 2019 as the shop will be closed next week (we re-open on Saturday) and I expect that will bring a sigh of relief to us all. It does to me as I never get to start writing the blog until the shop has closed, so I had better get on with it.
Used kit..
A couple of windsurf boards have arrived..
The JP Super X 116lt (designed to be fast but able to jump and turn)  I mentioned last week is now here, should you be interested. It's a 2006 in Full Wood Sandwich. Length is 243cm and its 66cm wide. Carries sails from 5m up to7m and comes with a powerbox 37cm fin. Condition is pretty good for the year. There is a bit of fade on the EVA deck pad but otherwise it's all OK. Price is £160.00 ono.
Next is a Starboard Futura 141lt Wood. It's a 2010 model, length 247.5cm and Width is 80cm. Sail size you are looking at 6m to 8.5m and it comes with a Drake 50cm Tuttle fin. It's had a few light repairs to the underside and one to the nose, otherwise it's in GC. The price is £265.00 ovno 
One used sail added today which is a Goya Guru Pro 5.3m from 2013 which is in GC and the owner
is looking for £130.00 (no time to take a pic so posted the Goya site image).
This Sunday we, or rather I, will be serving Mulled Wine and Pies..I'm here from 10am but please note that the shop will be closing at 1pm as per our normal Sunday hours. The forecast is suggesting West'Nor'West winds which are sadly not great at Shoreham as it's a cross offshore direction. Saying that you can sail 'it' when the tide is a fair way out, but it can be a bit on and off. Quite understand if the winds do take you to other beaches and I will try and hold back a mug or two of the Mulled for those passin'by on Monday. Fingers are crossed that the forecast will revert to Sou'West winds which we all know are 'lovely' at Shoreham. Talking of which.. here's the weekend weather and tides..
Saturday the current forecast is foe Sou'Sou'West 21-28kts in the morning but swinging dead Southerly by 3pm and increasing 24-30kts (tide is out so OK). Tide is High at 19.08hrs on a 5.3m (low at approx. 1pm). Rain is possible all day but forecast to be really heavy late afternoon / early evening. Keep an eye on that!
Sunday the current forecast is West'Nor'West 24-31kts all day with rain diminishing in the afternoon.
Tide hits High at 20.14hrs on a 5.5m (low at approx. 2pm). 
And that is it.. I may make a few posts over the next festive week or so but now I'm off home to START the Christmas Panic! I hope you all have a perfect Christmas and that you survive the New Year celebrations as well. 
2020 is the Year we all 'go places'... but where that is is yet to be seen! 

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