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Latest News - 03/01/2020

It's a New Year and Here we GO (if your name is Kevin Langeree..) again!

 Here we go again.. a New Year, a fresh decade (hopefully the Roaring Twenties!) and once again we have a weekend ahead of us.. which could be fun in the water!
This year has already produced possibly the best local surfing conditions in a couple of decades.. the surf this morning was by all accounts 'epic' with the strong offshore wind holding the faces up to create gorgeous barrelling waves. Jon Ellman-Brown said it was probably the best surf he had encountered at Shoreham in his life (he's getting on a bit now so being 'vague' is quite normal.. just like the rest of us.. Sorry Jon!! :)  so if he says that, it must have been good. The pics, which do not do it justice, were taken at 13.30hrs when the tide was just getting a tad high (it is a Neap at the moment) and most had hot footed it down to Lancing as the beach there would have been perfect for at least an hour after Shoreham. Some forecasters say tomorrow is looking possible if the wind is still offshore, so be here fairly early and you may 'get lucky' during the morning. I never like to predict surf as over the years you get to know that a swell can suddenly arrive but be over in a couple of hours. So many times I drove home to get a surfboard (it was a 25min trip round trip) and by the time I was back at the beach.. gone! Windguru have just updated to West Nor'West wind with only a 0.7m Swell so sadly not looking great..check it again in the morning (I will take pics on the way in and post ASAP). So what else is happening this weekend.. well Wassailing of course!
If you don't know about Wassail it's the ancient tradition of driving evil spirits out of the Cider Apple Trees in hope of a good crop in the autumn.
It's the job which is now undertaken by the Morris Men (or other Pagan style dancing groups..) to visit Cider farm orchards during January and hold the ceremony of beating the trees and then placing cider baited toast in the branches (placed by Virgins of course) to entice the evil spirits out of the trees.. obviously. So where does this all fit into Shoreham?? Mike Green who has been a local sail repairer for many a year is also a well know local musician and he has teamed up with Laura Ward and the Risen Road to play the typical Wassail Songs at The Duke of Wellington Pub in Shoreham on Sunday evening from 5pm - 8pm. Should be a fun event and a great place to warm up if you have been in the water!! Maybe this is not the usual Weekend News but it was just a thought and there are of course other Wassailing events coming up soon. There is one in Steyning Saturday 18th Jan being hosted by Mythago.. a bit of a different slant on 'Morris' but Wassailing all the same.. it's at the Steyning Cricket Club (the Orchard is on the other side of the Cricket pitch) but there are loads on in Sussex so check for one near you.. You don't have to like Cider.. but it does help!
Now the Weather and the Tide times for this first weekend in 2020..
Saturday, Winds from the West Nor' West 12-20kts (stronger earlier in the morning) with the Tide hitting High at 5.17hrs on a 5m (evening is 17.48hrs on a 4.8m).
Sunday, Winds from the West becoming Sou'West in the afternoon 12-17kts with the High Tide at 06.21hrs on a 4.9m.
Both days look to be dry and the temps are a reasonable 9°.
Check the swell tomorrow morning for SUP fun! Winds look good, if you travel to another beach, on Saturday (Hove and Littlehampton may work.. Bracklesham if not). Sunday is looking good for foils / kites at Shoreham.
We are open as usual.. 9.30 - 5.30pm Saturday and 10.00 -1.00pm Sunday.
Have a great weekend!
PS. Just seen that Kevin Langeree has left Naish!
Link to you tube 'I'm Leaving'.

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