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Latest News - 10/01/2020

What a World.. Tides Repeat and Used Kit at the Weekend!

Here we are.. it's another Friday evening and the weekend is Go!  What with Mr DT taking out Mr QS and I firing missiles at bases in I with A's in them ( which may have sadly taken out a civilian plane..) we should all be glad we do have a weekend to enjoy! What a World we live in..
Amazingly for the 2nd week in January it looks as though we will have winds for both days and possibly for the next seven days if Windguru are to be believed. Rain is on its way again but not looking as bad as the past (poss. dry over the majority of the weekend.. I did say poss.) and at least the temps are in double figures! Some of the days are forecast as 'Strong to Gale Force' from the South (which is the destructive wind direction) so I guess there could be trees coming down if that is the case! There is of course some debate between the forecasts as to exactly what will happen so do keep checking on a daily basis, as I am sure you will. Tides are not great for Shoreham but launching here should be possible after 2pm tomorrow which should be long enough to have a sail / kite / paddle before the sunsets at approx.4.14pm. More of the weather a bit later but whilst we are talking Tides I was asked a question on Wednesday to which I didst not know the answer.. but I do now!
A chap came in for a Tide Table and as he was leaving he asked "when will I be able to use the 2020 Table again"?  I could not answer this question, which is sad when you think that we have been supplying them for 23 years and using the actual tides for as long as I can remember.. you would think I would have known! So a quick Google and it turns out that they sort of repeat every 18.6 years.. which is a pain as if true that would mean for the table to be an exact  repeat of a calendar year (not sure if  Leap Years screw this up) it would occur every 93 years. What use is that.. we won't be around to save ourselves a stack on printing costs!  Alas they never actually repeat (according to Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory) so I now Know that the answer is 'No'.. you will never be able to use it again. You can however do other things like burn them,  should you be looking for something to burn (which I hope is banned in Australia!).  If you would like to read about the Wave that travels continually at 450mph but can still be effected by the winds (called a surge.) along with eleven other things YOU may not know about Tides, take a look at this web page..  
Not a lot going on at the moment but we do have a new addition to our Used Windsurf Boards. A Quatro Twin 76lt from 2011 in GC and up for £225.00 ono. 
It would be VGC but it has three tiny Dr Ding repair areas on the Port rail which probably only cover gel coat damage.
These Twinsers were a fast planing board and well suited to South Coast conditions (probably one of the best alongside the RRD that has a bit of a 'cult' following) so don't be too put off  by the 'Twinser' label. There are things you can't do with a Twin that single fins often could and would.. which is spin out! And now, the Weekends weather and Tide Times!
Saturday we have winds from the Sou'West 24-29kts with a temp of 9° and currently 'dry'. Tide is High at 11.19hrs on a 6.3m (good River paddling weekend).
Sunday the winds continue from the Sou'West at approx. 22-28kts but there could be a quick drop late in the afternoon. Temp is a scorchio 11° (three times what is was this morning) but showers likely during the morning. Tide is High 12.03hrs on a 6.3m.
This forecast is of course pure speculation and could be completely different.. apart from the  450mph Tides! 
Have a great weekend and keep those Smiles coming.. we are slowly but surely heading back to the Light!

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