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Latest News - 07/02/2020

OMG.. Ciara is getting wound up for the Weekend!

 Yes, it's the Weekend once more and for the South East of the UK, Sunday and also some of Monday is looking pretty windy, to say the least. I hope the forecasters are airing on the side of caution as they have now issued an Amber warning for wind in.. over.. on the South East. Not what we need as we have only just had the conservatory glass panel replaced that was 'taken out' by a tile during the last storm and the chances of anyone actually using this amount of wind is.. nil.. so it all seems a bit pointless to me. Hopefully dear Ciara will not get as wound up by the Jet Stream as they currently think.. fingers are crossed though. The surf could be the only plus factor as it should be phenomenal if you can get into a sheltered area, as 4.4m on a 10 second period is not the usual for our part of the coast!

I am sure some people will get something out of it but be careful as there will be a lot of currents moving out when that amount of water is moving in...
Used kit that has arrived during the week..
Quatro Pyramid 78lt 2019 in almost as new condition £1250.00 ono. (New boards are available for £1599.00 but not in 78lt) ' A viewing is recommended'. 
RRD Hardcore Wave V5 78lt 2014 (bought new in 2017).
£395.00 (a Bargain for a Quint boxed board!)
Apologies for the odd position of this board pic .. James had 
hung it up before I got to it!
North Hero 4.2m 2017 Ferrari Red VGC £260.00
and an Old but Tough North Voodoo 4.5m, up for £60.00
(sorry no pictures as yet!)
Gaastra RDM C75 430cm Hard Top mast £110.00
(sorry again.. no pics as yet).
Tide times and the Winds..
Saturday 15 - 21kts from the South. Tide is High at 10.21hrs on a 6.1m.
Sunday.. currently 38 - 62kts from the Sou' Sou-West. High Tide is at 11.07hrs on a 6.3m.
So with a fairly large Tide, heavy rainfall and a storm surge, the Shoreham Flood defences could well be checked out this Sunday.
The shop will be in survival mode on Sunday morning (all of the boards etc. will be inside) so please bare with us if you come along to windy alley (the wind speeds in Ferry Road are quite something!) Open 10am and Gone with the Wind at 1.00pm.
Have a good weekend and  take care on Sunday.. do your best NOT to get the RNLI out.. please!

You can see larger pictures of the boards on our Facebook Page. Click Here

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