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Latest News - 08/02/2020

Hans gets Hardcore over Ciara.. really!

 Hans van Oort, one of the guys who is often seen 'behind a camera', dropped by earlier to pick up his trusty RRD 66lt Hardcore in readiness for the morning (it's up for sale but he thinks it's perfect for a Sunday sail). Well that confirms it for me.. very high wind speeds tomorrow! It's an early doors if you are going to have a crack at it and most seem to be heading for Sea Lane Cafe or Lancing, as they will have easier launching conditions. Shoreham could be 'rough' to say the least after a night of increasing winds from the Sou'Sou West.

Not wishing to be anyone's Mum but PLEASE play it safe. If it looks 'scary' from the beach it will twice as scary when you get out there.. If in doubt, just sit it out.
Have a good evening and perhaps 'hope' for a little less wind than the forecast... NO tiles through our conservatory please!

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