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Latest News - 28/02/2020

Storm No. 4 2020 Jorge arrives.. Leap'ing is mandatory and Used Kit just arrived.

 Jorge.. our next Storm is called Jorge (pronounced Hor-Hay). Yep. it's almost the weekend and once again it's got a storm lined up for us.. what did we do to deserve this!  I am slightly confused about where Jorge has tracked.. last night I saw a News report of  Spain and France already being hit by this storm (which is why Spain had named it..) and was tracking up the continent to the UK (which I thought was rather odd..) but today it seems that the happy little Fella is coming in off of the Atlantic, as per our last four 'visits'. There is another four concerned with this weekend..  2020 is a Leap year hence the extra day of 29th Feb to keep everything straight,  time wise.. thought I should just slip that in.  Gladly the wind speeds are not looking horrendous, 30kts-gusting 48kts for our region seems to be the current line of thought, including the BBC, but Sadly it looks as though the winds are not going to be that 'tempting' due to the temperatures and associated rainfall. It's a warm 10° overnight but as Jorge closes in on the UK it will start to pull cold air down from the North and the day temps are expected to drop to 5 - 7° less wind chill with a good dowsing of rain to go with it (hands up who is now completely fed up with RAIN!). However... as this is all a computer generated 'thought' it's always best to wait and see exactly was Jorge delivers! 

 Danny Seales send off.. I am awaiting confirmation whether it is a 'open to anyone' service or if it restricted to family and friends, as the Chapel is not huge ( Danny has a lot of friends and if Jai Matthews service was anything to go by it will be packed ). Once I know we will post the when and where ( I am sure a lot of you already know but the time of the service seems to vary). 

Used kit arrived this week..  we have an RRD Firewave 102lt Ltd which is a great wave board for use by a larger rider on the south coast. You can read a review at 
It's in pretty good nick and the owner is looking for £420.00 (he may accept a close offer so don't be shy.. just ask!). 

Ezzy Tigers 2016 in 4.2 / 4.7 / 5.3 / 5.8m The 4.2 and 4.7 are in VGC, both at £270.00. The 5.3m is in GC at £240.00 and.. as the 5.8 has done most of the work it's at £210.00. Link to the Ezzy page is Offers will of course be contemplated and £900.00 would be accepted for buying all four sails.   

So to the weekends tides and its winds... Saturday High is at 14.16hrs on a 5.6m (not too big thankfully, especially for Climping) and the winds are Sou-West 30kts gusting 48kts. Sunday 1st March High is at 14.51hrs on a 5.4m. Winds are Sou-West 20-33kts in the morning but dropping back to 18-28kts after lunch.. which is fine as the Tide will be High at Shoreham by then.   

And that's it.. I hope you enjoy your Leap'ing Saturday and do try and enjoy Storm Jorge and his rainfall. Fingers are crossed for all of those under threat of floods! 
You can see larger pictures of the board and sails at our Facebook Page

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