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Latest News - 27/03/2020

I know it's Late, should I or.. and Yes to SUMMERTIME !

 Well it’s Friday evening and although things are pretty damned weird. as in the worst nightmare scenario I could think of.. it is once again, my dear friends, the Weekend!

Forgive me if I sound like Stephen Fry for the next few lines but I do think of every customer that has passed through the doors of Surfladle as a friend and also those of you that we have never met but have been longstanding mail order clients of the shop, so I hope you can through be  a bit of slack if this does not quite read as I had hoped… 
The shop has been going for almost 35 years and we have been there through the thick and thin due to You all having that drive to get out on the water.. recessions bring a need to forget the problems and that is what being on the water is all about.  We all have something in common which some may say is part of our eternal being (a bit like Beer or Gin). It’s the stuff that dreams are made of and there is no other feeling quite like just being out on the water. Once you are hooked it sadly does not let you go easily.  Which leads me nicely to the point..  we now have this nightmare scenario and talking with quite a few of you there is a feeling of doubt whether we should or should not go out on the water. There are governing bodies that are saying No as if you get into trouble it could be a real problem for anyone who may have to help you and we can understand that but I believe the same can be said for riding a bike over the downs and ending up ‘crunched’ , which someone is still going to have to help you out and poss mouth to mouth as well. This is the most absurd feeling after all of these years.. the water is out of bounds. Well, I guess it is one decision that everyone will work out for themselves and I would not think badly of whatever that decision is. We are faced with a virus that may kill us and if that water is only a few steps across a pebbled or sandy beach, then I don’t think I could resist it. Maybe if you have to travel to get to the water then that may sit differently as they are asking people not to travel.. once again make your own decision. We only live once and as long as you stay clear of others and are seen to be acting responsibly, can it be any worse than another form of exercise. If it makes you smile…
Quick round up on supply… RRD have closed as Italy has locked down all companies now that are non-essential. Good luck to everyone there and we look forward to their email saying they are back at work. Other European companies such as Boards and More in Austria (Fanatic, Duotone, ION) and Kubus in Holland (Pro Limit and Naish) are still shipping at the moment but who knows what will happen there.  The UK suppliers,  Seasprite (Ezzy, Chinook, Streamlined and Atan)  Tushingham (Severne, Starboard, Red Paddle),  Watersports World (Mystic and North Kites), Zero Gravity (Quatro and Goya) and Kai Sports (Nah Skwel and AHD) are all still supplying at the moment which is good news and we hope they can continue. I will try and update you as soon as anything changes,
And now to the weekends weather and the Tides.. but not my place at the moment to make suggestions as to what you can do and where you can go.
Saturday the strong Nor East winds continue 24kts gusting 36kts and the Tide hits High at 13.20hrs on a 5.8m.
Sunday the winds are just a tad lighter but still Nor East and the Tide is High at 14.49hrs on a 5.7m
And why does the tide jump on Sunday.. BECAUSE BRITISH SUMMER TIME IS ‘BACK’!
But your clocks go forward!! There is something that the virus cannot change… hah!
Do have a great weekend and whatever you do..  just get off the Sofa!
PS, sorry this is late but having to do it from home and things are not going right. 

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