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Latest News - 29/05/2020

It's the weekend and OMG.. what is going on!!

 8.32pm on a lovely Friday evening and still at the shop..  so this is where, for once, I say enough is enough and the weekend will have to look after itself! This has been the most ridiculous outbreak of SUP fever and general water sports buying I can ever remember. The Whole World is awake and on Holiday!  Glad everyone is enjoying it and another reason that 2020 will stay in my mind.. but I AM SHOT!

Weather is looking good and warm,  with a breeze from the East at around 16kts for both days (could go up a bit.. could go down).
Tides are High at 18.05hrs on a 5.2m Saturday and at 19.24hrs on a 5.3m Sunday.
James is in the shop tomorrow for the Click / Collect service so please Call before you come along! Not sure what is happening Sunday but someone in again on Monday.
Hope you all have a great time and if you are one of the few ‘employed’ at this current time.. I feel for you!! 

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