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Latest News - 12/06/2020

The weekend.. but how do we trade from Monday?

 Here we go quick are these weekends are coming around in Lock Down year.. blink or cough and wham.. Friday Evening is once again there! Well that's how it feels for us as it is still incredibly busy with sadly more enquires than there is kit available. Wings and boards for foiling as a whole are proving to be like rockin'orse poop..I had a lovely reply from one company today saying that their Sales Manager was in contact with the factories trying to get boards..a total reverse of fortunes as it is usually the other way round, with factories chasing the company Sales Managers for orders! I would guestimate that we failed to supply 25 inflatable SUP boards this week and not just due to no stock. It is having the right stock, the name that the people have latched onto. It's amazing how much of a response you can get nowadays.. with just a little bit of skilful marketing and product placement the GP (general public) are on it and nought else will do! What a mess, as there are 'other' makes with very good products but they have not got their 'name' out there so you can actually hear the blank look on people’s faces when you mention them (phone conversations) or the lack of any form of response to an email in which you have tried to offer something they can for this summer. Hey ho.. I guess the apple cart had to turn over as we were never going to keep up with a demand of this size after the worst ever year for production of Water Toys. Moving on.. 

James has been beavering away at the shop today and as of late it is purely a fire fighting exercise. I am on the laptop all day and trying to get hold of him to discuss orders or to find out if any *late shipments have arrived is a real problem.. the phone is engaged all of the time! if it's bad for me, it must be the same for customers and all we can do at the moment is apologise. The social distancing for shops means that we cannot both be working in there at the same time (not that a lot of cafes seem to be worried as they are all next to each other doing the take aways) and from this Monday we are among those taking part in the grand re-opening of many non essential stores.. however I cannot see that things will alter much at the Mega Store just yet. This is a quick overview of Gov guidelines.. 
Shoppers should expect to wait in queues outside (even in the rain) as many smaller stores will be limiting the number of entrances they have open (one in our case) and imposing a restriction on the number of customers entering at any one time ( which for us at the present time has to be one but maybe two if you arrive with a partner). 
Fitting rooms will remain closed until further notice. Returned stock (people have touched) will have to be separated from other items for 72 hours.. this is a real problem as everyone wants to try on our touch the kit and we cannot spray to 'clean' it off (maybe a stain proof spray will come). We are not the type of business that can install Perspex protective screens at checkouts as we are rarely just sitting there taking payments, so will have to have a barrier that ensures customers cannot enter all of the shop and we will have to bring the goods to you.. wearing gloves and possibly masks to reduce virus transmission either way. As it is only one in and one out please do call to let us know if you are coming along. We can then let you know how busty it is likely to be. 
So you can see we have a lot to work around over the coming months, as more and more people will head to the beach (If that is possible) and want to walk right in and get all the kids beach shoes or a wetsuit. A real shame but it is not going to happen that way again for quite a while! 
Please be patient as we are working on a plan and will do our best to make your purchasing experience as safe and pleasant as we possibly can.. We do value our customers! 
Now time for the Weekend Weather and the Tides
Saturday winds are moderate and from the Sou’East 12-16kts with sun shine!
Tide hits High at 17.53hrs on a 5.06m so a brilliant day for the newcomer kiters and the foilers (wind speeds have been higher than predicted over the last couple of days so do ‘check’ before you launch your 15m :) .
Sunday the winds are coming around to the South at 12kts and bringing a few clouds but still not bad on the temp front. Tide is High at 18.51hrs on a tiny 4.96m.
And that is that.. sorry to rattle on but changes are a coming and trying to keep everyone up to date and happy aint quick and it’s not easy.. just ask Boris! 
Have a great weekend and please remember to smile when you see a Nurse or a Dr, or a Paramedic, or anyone that has been looking out for us all throughout this difficult time.
*Late Deliveries. Our sincere apologies to those of you who have been patiently awaiting arrival of your kit. We are experiencing the worst shipping delays in all of the years we have been operating.. not our fault but I guess the buck stops with us! 

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