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Latest News - 19/06/2020

Yes, it’s earlier than the norm but.. It’s Mid-summers weekend!!

 Yes, it’s earlier than the norm but.. It’s Friday afternoon and the winds are Happily Blowing at 22kts Sou'West for those of you who are lucky enough to be able to get to a beach today!

 For those of you who can't..I know exactly how you are feeling as I’m working from home and there is too much going on to shoot down for a quick sail.. a quick sail now takes 3hrs when you include the time to get there and back! This evening will be perfect, especially if you like a low tide, as it is dead Low at 17.04hrs and as long as the wind does not die off it could be a classic summers evening sail..kite..what have you!  
Sadly the winds look like they are a lot less tomorrow,  probably as I am back at the beach to be in the Megastore for the day,  but they are 'in' again on Sunday, when James will be at the helm. My ' wind curse ' is obviously still in place after all of these years.. I even had a cartoon drawn of it ! 👀 At least those who want a pleasant 12kt breeze will be happy. 
We have a couple of new items of interest for you Windsurfers.. and all from Chinook. 
There is a new Tendon base coming which is a 'twist' on the old mechanical joints. The Pro joint has a tendon but the mast foot head is able to pivot to allow less 'bend' on the joint and therefore increase its life span (not that the Chinook Tendon is short lived). It will really benefit foil boarders as the pivot makes it so much easier to connect the rig to the board when in the water. Price is £84.95. We have only two coming on the first drop and one is already sold, so let us know ASAP if you want one. There is also a US cup and two bolt plate version to follow, which maybe ‘to order’ only (sales of US Cup are pretty low nowadays).
A new Chinook RDG Carbon boom has been launched. It’s a 170 – 220cm and aimed at the Freeride and Foiling market as the size range should cover 5m to 8.5m comfortably. Available with two rear end designs, which are the standard for the Freerider and then a wider 'adjustable outhaul' version for Foilers (enables the sail to be set ‘full’ to get the board flying and then outhaul added to increase pointing ability). The wider version may also suit Freeriders that like to ‘go places’ rather than  just Yo-Yo sail, which an adjustable outhaul can be useful for.Please note that the picture of the rope set up is what 'you do' once you buy the boom.. you do not get the extra cleats and pulleys suppled with the boom). Priced at £779.00 it is a top end product but when you consider that a good carbon boom can easily last 10 years of reasonable wear and tear, it’s a good investment (the cost of your sport is just the Kit.. a God provides free power and a play area).  These RDG booms have proved themselves to be a very reliable product and we have a 100% happiness rating from Owners so far.
The £500.00 affordable iSUP boards have been the bane of our lives over the last 4 weeks.. every day we have had so many enquires for boards in that price range but there has just been nothing available to offer them (or not that we would be prepared to ask someone to paddle out onto ‘deep water’ on..) so we lose another sale as they will continue the ‘hunt’. Thankfully we have boards now on their way from the STX Company in Holland and so for a very short period, as 5 boards are already sold, we may have a 10’6” board available at £500.00! Whoopee do! 
The STX 2020 range has been reviewed by the SUPBOARDER MAG and did very well on weight and stiffness. Product quality we know is 100% (apart from a couple of bag ‘failures’ but they were replaced) as we have not had one issue with their boards in 4 years and every hull has been perfectly straight, i.e. no lateral twist which occurs when the upper and lower sections were not aligned correctly at joining. If you are in the market for a pleasure SUP, a touring SUP or even an inflatable planning windsurfing board, the STX range has something for everyone at or in the affordable price bracket! Click Here for the Link 
Ezzy have just launched their new clothing range for 2020 and I will post those in a mo separately to save this week’s blog getting too much for anyone to take in! 
So to the weekend’s weather and the tides..
Saturday. Winds are from the Sou’Sou’West 11-15kts and the weather is said to be sunny with a rather disappointing 16°C air temp (it’s almost Mid Summers for gawds sake!). Tide is High at 11.30am on a 5.7m.
Sunday is MID SUMMERS DAY, as well as Fathers Day of course! It will or may be wet first thing and then it’s looking windy all day,  if the forecast is right! Winds are said to be from the Sou’West running at 18-26kts. Air temp is up a degree on Saturday at 17°C as the sun is that bit closer. Tide hits High at 12.10hrs on a 5.85m.
Always a sad day for me when the summer Sun peaks but I guess that is what makes it special!
Please remember that we are running a Social Distancing policy at the shop, so it’s One in – One out at the moment. We do our best not to keep anyone waiting too long so don’t think us rude if we seem reluctant to chat… we would love to go back to ‘how it was’.
Have a great Longest Day Weekend and enjoy the weather, whatever!

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