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Latest News - 26/06/2020

WHAT A WEEK... but what a week to come!

 What can I say.. WHAT A WEEK!

We hope everyone has enjoyed the fantastic weather that has brought more people than ever to our beaches. Never in the last 26 years of trading have we ever known a time like this.. It truly has been an unprecedented experience but not one we would relish as the norm... there’s busy and then there is overwhelmed, which brings me to make this apology to some of you…  
I am sure a lot of you have suffered long waits at the shop (maybe too long!) or have failed to contact us by phone (on Wednesday the phone rang continually all day long) but we are doing our best to keep everyone happy. Some of you have had to wait much longer periods than usual for your ordered kit to arrive, some of which have been three times longer than usual due to the suppliers struggling to keep up with the orders coming in from all over Europe. Everyone is doing their best, in the most difficult of times, to get the kit out to the customers. So I am sorry if we failed 'you' but we are trying to improve the way we can operate, whilst still being aware of people’s safety and worries! 
This morning I was very worried that if the weather continued we would have had the beaches closed to us as the Local Councils would have had been told to do something but by this afternoon the forecast brought a happier moment.. it looks to be only good for the beach goer that likes a howling wind, for the next week at least! The temps dropping to half of what they were will probably stop dead the iSUP and beach toy enquiries that drove the 'frenzy' but we need the break to try and catch up. The crowds can return again when the current issue has passed. As for the rubbish that has been left each day.. hmmmm. 
So what does the weekend’s weather have in store.. as if you didn’t know... take a look at Windguru for a Clue. Click Here
Tides.. Saturday High is at 16.37hrs on a 5.7m 
Sunday High will be at 17.38hrs on a 5.6m. 
And that is it for tonight 21.18hrs and this seems to be the time we end the working day at the moment. 
Thank You to everyone that has shopped with us over the HOT period.. we may have not looked or sounded 'happy' when you walked in or called. Personally I have never felt so worn out as I do now but honestly,  it is always good to see you! 
Have a cracking weekend and enjoy being Cool out on the water! :) 

Pic is of my Van outside temp sensor on the 26th.. probably a bit high but never ever seen it hit 40°C before!

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