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Latest News - 03/07/2020

Wind again? What is going on.... and JC visited Shoreham!

 Here we go again.. it’s another windy weekend and I’m getting later than ever!

It’s a real quickie as back in the shop tomorrow morning and already feeling a little jaded from a day of emails. 
A bit of interesting News from Windsurf Magazine..  in the next issue, which is the first since Covid stopped printing,  John Carter has put together a Ten page article based at.. Shoreham Beach of all places! Looking forward to seeing what he has managed to ‘capture’ off of our shingled shoreline.
A new SUP board has just arrived from Starboard. It is one of their superbly priced Lite Tech boards and this one is the classic 9’8” x 30” Blend Element . The board prices are kept low as they are manufactured during the slack period at Cobra but as this year all went a bit haywire, they are later than usual. Lovely looking board, not heavy and has a RRP of only £849.00! Whopper and Wide Points will follow in the next few weeks.
Used Windsurf kit.. two boards and the first is a classic from 2009, a JP Freestyle Wave 77 in the super light Pro Edition. These boards really suit lightweights as a 6m and below or heavier riders who don’t want a wave board but like to sail in stronger winds. It is in A1 condition and is up for £299.00 (may even have a bag with it.. need to check that tomo).
Next is a Quatro Cube 85lt from 2016 which is a quad wave board for all occasions.. where a wave needs to be ridden! It is in good condition and will make someone smile for a tad over £400.00.. £425.00 to be exact!
Both boards are listed on the website if you want to check their specs.. see All of the Used Boards not yet on the site.
A couple of used booms as well.. we have another 2019 Pro Limit RDG Pro 100% Carbon 140 -190cm! The boom is from the same owner as he has now swapped over to Duotone Platinums to complete his Duotone Super Hero set up. This boom is in good condition and has an RRP of £650.00, so £275.00 should tempt someone!
Next is a 2019 Severne Metal 160-210cm,  complete with 30” Severne Lines and an emergency uphaul.. which may suit you! In good condition and priced at £125.00 
Two sails also in but no pics as yet..both Severne.. a Blade 4.7m from 2019 at £375.00 and a Blade 5.0m from 2013 at £140.00.we also have aused Severne Blue Line 400cm RDM up for £195.00.
Right.. time is up so here is the weekend’s weather and Tides.
Saturday and Sunday we have strong winds from the Sou’West , currently thought to be  25-35kts but could be more.. or less on Sunday. 
Tides are High on Saturday at 11.29hrs on a 5.9m and Sunday it’s 12.18hrs on a 6.1m.. great for Shoreham in the afternoon or early morning.. not great at High Tide!
Have a wonderful weekend and if you do head to a Pub for a Grand Opening.. Have a Nice Time and Drink like a fish! Enjoy the Hangover.. 

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