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Latest News - 17/07/2020

Courier Nightmare with a Happy Ending!

 I mentioned the problems we were having with getting kit to the shop and then back out to the customers earlier this week.

Last week we booked a 24hr delivery to a Lady in Cornwall, who I will call Alison, who was off to see family and wanted to take an inflatable paddle board with her. She wasn’t leaving until the Wednesday afternoon but we thought with current delays it was worth paying more to make sure she got it on time.
The courier company website said nothing about delays to the special delivery services when we paid the extra for a 24hr delivery, so we presumed it would be there by Wednesday latest.. Err wrong. They never made the delivery until the end of the week! When I spoke to the company on the Wednesday (after playing the game to try and get past their automated systems) I was first told that it was lost but then eventually it was found, at the Bodmin Distribution Centre. I was transferred to there and straight away.. I was bumped out by the automated system (you know how it goes). I did get to speak to a very nice Lady in the end ,who I am sure was almost crying, who admitted they had over a 1000 parcels they could not deliver (our 24hr Sup Board Box was somewhere in the pile) and could not say when they would be able to deliver it. What made it worse was that 'due to Covid' the customer could not go to Bodmin to collect the board from them either.. a bit odd as the whole world has been operating on Click and Collect as far as we know. Anyhow, that is the type of problem we are suffering at the moment. Thankfully Alison was really very good about it and the board was eventually left with a neighbour and was there, safe and sound, when they arrived home at the weekend. We did of course refund her the whole shipping cost and she has been good enough to send us these pics of the STX board in use at Praa Sands. Thank You Alison for being so very Nice about it all !
As for the courier.. not even an apology.. what a surprise! 

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