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Latest News - 24/07/2020

The Weekend is here and.. my Donkey is dead!

 Well, it’s the weekend and Friday night is here again but..

Due to a dead Donkey (my nickname for the Renault Trafic Van) this is another
very quick blog as I am pooped after 3hrs of trying to reveive said Donkey,  but sadly to no avail.
I was going to do a bit on the new Duotone boomless Wing, the Unit, which is due in 2 weeks time and we will have a rare 6m up for grabs when they arrive , many thanks to Nik Baker as he has been a star in getting stock for us!
We also have a 5m Duotone Echo Wing (boomed version) available, as an order for one has been cancelled. Too late now to go into more detail but know that someone out there is probably desperate to get their hands on one!
Weather for the weekend.. Windy and showers on Saturday..Windy and Dry on Sunday!
Saturday 18-27kts Sou’West and the Tide is High at 15.30hrs on a 6.3m
Sunday  18-24kts Sou’ Sou’West and the Tide is High at 16.18hrs on a 6.0m
That should bring a smile to a lot of you Windys, Wingers and Kiters and for those with SUP in mind, at least the River will have a lot of water in it during the day and you may find sheltered areas to have fun in.. down winders along the coast can be a lot of fun but only if you are confident!
And that is it for tonight. Many apologies for another ‘shorty’ but Donkeys can be a right pain at times! 
Have a great Summers weekend All!

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