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Latest News - 31/07/2020

Errr.. have we already had the weekend and..Nik's drive and Starboard's Value boards are Lite

 It's the hallowed Friday Eve and the weekend is here.. or has it just gone?? Summer living has been the rule for the last two days with the South Coast (the Sou'East part anyhow) being blessed with sunshine and temps in the 30's. My vans outside temp gauge ( yes, the Donkey lives! New starter motor which required the front of the van removing.. many thanks to Perkin and Robins for managing to get it done in an already overloaded week,, every 'trade' seems overwhelmed at the moment) was reading 34° degrees for most of the journey back 'up North' after picking her up from Shoreham this morning (cycled down the tracks to get her.. was a bit hot and the immortal words from Good Morning Vietnam came to mind.. 'crutch pot cooking'). Fantastic though to see so many people stuck in their cars trying to get to the beaches.. the A27 was crawling and the cars were backed up into Shoreham from the flyover.. it reminded me of the days when the Airshow would create grid lock! Well, I hope they all made it to a ‘spot on the beach’  and also the  three SUP boarders I saw sat on the river bank halfway to Upper Beeding.. the wind from the coast was a good Force 4 by then and it was bad enough to cycle into, let alone paddle against. Anyhow, we are now officially at the weekend and it looks as though the heat is off (20°) and the winds are back on.

James has been in the shop for the last two days and I think he will be glad to be 'OUT' for tomorrow as he must have been run ragged by the day trippers (asking for their Body Boards and Beach Shoes) desending upon Shorehams shingle bar. Even Nik Baker has been getting home to find his drive blocked by the beach lover who has lost the will to live looking for a space and has reverted to 'crime' (apparently you can park across a drive way if there is no car on it Nik.. so you cannot chuck them in the sea.. sadly).
Not sure if we have anything looming in the trade in dept at the moment as I have not been in since Wednesday so you get a bit out of touch. We had a New Starboard Lite Tech 10'5 arrive on Wednesday.. these are superbly priced composite SUP boards which are generally made in the 'quiet' periods at the Cobra factory,  to keep the staff busy. If you are paddling an iSUP but are yearning for the 'real feel' of performance and being more in contact with the water, then a composite board is a heck of a difference.. like 'chalk and cheese'.. I don't know about you but I much prefer to eat cheese!  They start from £759.00 and currently we have a 9'8", 10' and 10'5 to choose from..  well there were on Wednesday! Click here for a link to view the boards
And that is enough of a ramble for this week. It's not really about the kit but more about the place.. you cannot have fun with kit unless you have the place to do it! 
Here's the weekends weather and Tides..
Saturday 1st August we have a forecast of overcast and sun with winds forecast at 15-20kts Sou West,  but 'some say' there may be an 'effect' taking place (not me Bill!!) which could take it up a notch or two higher! Tides are High at 10.27hrs on a 5.5m.
Sunday is a dead ringer.. may be a little less sun in the morning though with the Tides High at 11.22hrs on a 5.8m. Great day for Shoreham whether for wind sports or SUP (on the River).
And that's that.. time for a beer on the bench in the garden and take the chance to enjoy  a Great British Summers evening, all be it overcast now! Tomorrow I shall be entering the Mega Store for a day of fun with you all. Have a great Weekend and stay.. Happy! 

Thanks to Reuters for this pic of Brighton beach.. quite quiet compared to Bournemouth! 

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