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Latest News - 28/08/2020

It's Friday night and after a week with Ellen and Francis down by the sea.. it's the BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

 It’s a rather wet and blustery Friday night and what else would you expect before we start the August Bank Holiday Weekend! Rain, we have nothing for months and then we seem to get ‘catch up’ just when you really don’t want it. Biblical rain fall during today, as you will know if you were caught in one of the ‘showers’ but the cloud formations were spectacular so I guess everything has something special to offer. At least we have not been hit with the size of storms that ran through the States this week (sad to see so much destruction to so many homes) but our own storm, Ellen and then upstaged by Francis, did bring record wind speeds for the time of year (strongest August gusts in 25 years). Fingers crossed that we do not have a winter of record breaking storms as although they can bring fun for a short period to some of us, generally we would mostly be happy with a Gale! Red Bull Storm Riders could be in for a scary Winter.

Talking of scary, Phil Dobner, who I know loves his kids, sent us in an email that had few seascape pics attached together with these infamous words, which I am sure every coastguard and RNLI brave heart has heard… 
“I was going to take the rubber dinghy out with the kids for a paddle in the waves, thought it would have been safe as RNLI just around corner”.  

(Click here to see BIGGER pics)
Loved that Phil as it was one of the few things that made me laugh this week (wrists were close to being done by yesterday evening but won’t go into that apart from saying the Donkey died again.. and shortly followed by our car).
We are starting to see the 2020 Clearance lists and Nik Baker has sent over the Fanatic / Duotone this afternoon.. no time to digest it yet but give us a call if you were thinking of something.. we will take a look and see if you get lucky! I do not think there will be anything like the amount we have seen over the last few years as there is not a lot of anything left after the onslaught of a Covid summer. As one importer said to me this week, they have finally got to dust the shelves in the warehouse! 
OK ‘’it’s late so time for…
Weather and Tides for the weekend are
Saturday .. an overcast but currently dry day with 14kt winds from the Nor’West forecast by the Beeb but Windguru are saying 17-25kts, which could possibly turn to a Westerly direction in the afternoon if the temperatures (17° forecast) on the Downs behind our coastal strip are warm enough to create warm air rising.. but don’t hold me to that!
Tides are High at 9.16hrs on a 5m so a pretty good day for Shoreham Wind Sports (wind permitting) as it will be low at mid afternoon.  If you are going out on SUP boards watch the winds if they stay Nor’ West as they may feel light close in to the shore but will increase as you move out to sea.. please remember that they are ‘offshore winds’.
Sunday looks to be a sunnier affair but with the winds (Beeb and Windguru say 16kts) moving to a more Northerly direction they will not get swung to a West. 
 High Tide is at 10.23hrs on a 5.3m so a SUP slog up the river against the wind but with an incoming tide and then a relaxing wind and current assisted ride back!
Monday the winds stay from the North in the morning at a light 8kts and swing to a light Sou’West during the day, Should be sunny and still around the 17° mark (the sun may well boost those temperatures as it was ‘Warm’ today ).
High Tide is 11.13hrs on a 5.7m so again A GOOD SUP day for fun on the rivers.
And that is that for tonight. 9.20pm and I will leave you with the thought of three days to do whatever you want.. unless you have to work of course. 
Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend in paradise!

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