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Latest News - 04/09/2020

September and it's a Weekend again.. thankfully no Typhoons though.

 It’s the weekend and the first one of September.. so where the heck did August disappear to?

 Sorry to be so late again, which I am very aware is becoming the norm, but the day to day running of a Mega Store  is never easy and time waits for no ‘person’.. especially not this one.
 The week has flown past and even though the want for iSups has slightly dropped off, we are still playing catch up to keep on top of all of the enquires plus the chasing up the kit on back order, along with the kit we now have to pre-order. All change happens for a lot of our suppliers during the August period and if we want to keep our discounts (that enable us to pass on a bit to you) these orders have to be placed to keep our Dealerships in place. The financial outlay is almost daunting but it is an exciting time as the developments in the kit do raise interest and no one wants to be left behind, least of all us. I will try and cover what is ‘exciting’ in the next Friday night blog which will be in two weeks time as I am taking time off next week to assist my FIL (Father in Law) with the servicing of his fleet of vehicles… I needed a break (first one since February when I last visited them) and hope that this is not going to be more stressful than the shop! 
Weather as always plays the biggest part in whatever we do and it looks as though we will have a mix of calm and wind during the next week or so. Yesterdays winds turned out to be more than expected and on an overcast and rather murky day I am sure that brought a bit of fun to those using the estuary for Wing Foiling (so good to see that stretch of water being utilised again!) and the open sea for wind and kite and SUP in the harbour mouth. We are very lucky to have locations that allow so many different Watersports to take place at one time. 
Kit wise we have had a few used items arrive and most have been listed on the ‘lists’ you will find on the website under ‘All of the Used Boards’ etc. which show up on the first page of sails, boards, masts etc. I do apologise for the time it is taking us to make a proper listing but every day I have a ‘plan’ but by 10am.. it has gone out of the window (left the shop at gone 9pm last Wednesday and could have stayed all night to try and catch up). Things will improve!
OK, time for the weather and tides for this lovely weekend at Shoreham Beach.
 Saturday we are graced with winds from the Nor’West running at 13kts. They could swing to the West if the temps allow but at 17° I am not hopeful (if I get a chance I will post an update tomo).
 Sunny and the Tide hits High at 14.09hrs on a 6.0m so really good for the Estuary for those that want to SUP and possibly Wing .
 Sunday the winds are staying around the 13kt region and will, allegedly. swing to the West in the afternoon. Tide is High at 14.30hrs on a 5.9m.
So that is it for another Friday evening. I know the content has been rather lacking recently but the thought is there and it’s not always about the kit.. it’s more about keeping in touch with the people you know. And on that note, I hope you have a great weekend with those people you love to be with! 
Chow All. 
PS. Glad we are not having the winds that poor old Korea is being battered by.. a line of continual Typhoons. Click Here for BBC related News

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