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Latest News - 02/10/2020

Friday and Alex dropped by.. but now It's the Weekend

 Friday Night and once again we have survived the five days of misery to reach the two days of fun, known as the Weekend! I still enjoy weekends even though I've worked nearly everyone since 1994.. OMG! Nice of Storm Alex to drop by and give everything a good wash down, which was needed after weeks of dry weather (the local reservoirs seriously need water!) and I am sure he brought a few hours of joy to some of you! If not, well there could be a remnant of a swell to play on tomorrow morning and it it's only a day to wait until we hit another windy day and if dear old Windguru is correct that we go on all of next week. Someone mentioned to me that the weather patterns of 2020.. not sure how true that is but I do hope we are not going to get another Michael Fish 'forecast'!

The shop is clean and tidy (which is why I am still here.. been hoovering!) and ready for a weekend of
sales if all goes to plan. We are struggling with supply, as many of you who have enquired about or ordered kit recently will know, but we have received 'many items' that should be of interest...

Wing and SUP Foil boards are on the shelf.. the Moon Buddy SUP and Wing board from Ride Engine and then the Sky Wing boards from Fanatic in 5'8" and 6'0" (there was also a 5'4" but that went out the door today). We have a Used RRD Pocket Rocket which is one board that will cover SUP-Wing and Windsurf, should you be thinking of trying it all!

In the Wing Dept. we have the Duotone Unit in 6m, Echo in 4m & 6m, the Ensis 'Ensis' in 6m (5.2m - 4.5m & 3.5m arrive next week), the Slingshot Swingwing V2 5.4m and also the Airush Freewing Air 5.0m. We are looking into Demo's but supply is so slow at the moment it's hard to know what to do.

Foils are proving almost as difficult.. we have Naish and Fanatic on back order and were very glad to receive a Slingshot Hover Glide F SUP V3 last week. It has a front wing for early take off, which will power most SUP or Wing boards should you be of a size that needs 'lift' or you really do want to get out in light winds or very small surf.

Winter Wet Wear!.. we now have the New ION Seek which is a Kite /Wind suit (the cut is slightly different to surf style suits) and has superb stretch and a very plush interior (Hot Stuff Mk2 and Plasma Plush to be exact.. you have to love their names!) . Available in Back or Front Zips at £309.00. Also the Pro Limit Mercury which has been revamped for 2021 by adding a Thermal Rebound interior. The 6/4mm was found to be warm last year.. wonder how this year's suit will stack up. £329.00. The fit of a suit is the most important thing.. we will do our best to allow you to try suits
at the shop (come with suitable under garments as no changing room!) but also you can take home if you live nearby.
Solite boots are now back in stock with their Custom 3mm boot (most found it plenty warm enough last year) and the thicker soled Custom Omni for SUP use or Worthing Low Tide use..
Atan are still our number one for those that like the Barefoot Feel and we have HOT 6mm, Mistral 3mm and Madisson Split Toe all in stock. ION Plasma Spilt and Xcel Infinity Splits along with Pro Limit in three round Toe options.. so much choice!! Oh.. and we have 2mm socks for wearing inside trainers etc. for SUP. And finally , Beanies are a must for winter and we have quite a collection now.

Oh.. and Windsurf Mag has just arrived as well!

Now the weather and Tides for this coming weekend..
Saturday we will have a dry day with winds from the South (onshore) running at 14-18kts.. Tide is High at 13.10 on a 6.2m .
Sunday we will / may have a damp day with winds from the Sou'West 21-31kts. Tide is High at13.32hrs on a 6.1m.
Keep your eye on the forecasts though as they are changing all the time!

Last of all...we now have the NHS Code for use with their App ( for 'who has been in' the shop) so please do use it if you can, otherwise we will 'sign you in and out' on the register!

And that is that as I'm off home.. Have a SUPER WEEKEND!

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