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Latest News - 09/10/2020

It’s late.. It's late.. IT’S LATE!! and the Weekend is at the Gate!!


Always loved Alice in Wonderland and boy am I late tonight, so it’s just a very quick round up of a weird week and then onto the Weather.

 So excuse me for asking but ‘What is going on with this World’? How is it that a LOT of people have died from Covid (otherwise why is our Government breaking the Bank?) but when people of note, or dare I say a Politician of note appears to have it, a miraculous and fast recovery is pretty much on the cards. I am wondering why people like David Attenborough bother trying to draw our attention to the utter devastation that ‘my’ generation is / are / have been causing to this tiny little planet, when there seems little chance of anything sensible happening to take us forward and out of this mess. Please note that that was just a thought of mine and not a Surfladle Statement by the way. Sorry to rant, even if a short one!

Been another busy week in the Micro Mega Store. The shop was as empty stock wise as we have ever seen during August  but that of course may be just to James and I, as customers do say we carry far more stock than a lot of other Mega Stores J . It has been late nights once again this week as our stock pre-orders (more Wings and things..) as well as customers board orders have been arriving.. poor James was still there at 8pm this Friday evening clearing up for me to take over tomorrow.. deep clean as no Covid for me thank you!  I have to confess that possibly due to the pressure..  I have ‘fecked up’ on quite a few occasions recently, as in “No, we don’t have that iSUP board in stock.. Oh yes we do!” and then not noticing that one of four boards ordered for a customer had been omitted by the supplier.. that really is bad! Could this be the first sign of AGE CONCERN (eeek!)… I guess time will tell but for now my apologies and I will try harder!

Weather and Tides Time for this WEEKEND!

Saturday looks promising for wind sports as the winds should be 18-23kts  from the West with a top Temp of a rather poor 13° for the time of year. Tide hits High at 17.06hrs on a tiny 4.6m, so not at all good for River paddling (also watch out if windsurfing and  there is any shore dump.. tiny Tides are so good at catching you out when launching and coming in). No rain currently shown but the wind will swing to Nor’West late in the afternoon.


Sunday the wind is pretty much from the North 12 – 18kts,  so not a lot to do with that unless you stay close in to shore on a SUP board for a flat water distance session (no waves forecast). Do not head out to far though as that wind will make paddling back to shore ‘hard’! The Tide is High at 19.13hrs (a big jump?) on a 4.6m.

 And that is that. Have a great weekend and do stay Clear of Covid (unless you have strong political connections).  Cheery Pip!


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