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Latest News - 16/10/2020

It's Here and we are still FREE (but not as in free kit though) !

Here we go again.. It’s the Weekend and we still have our Freedom.. so I guess we need to make the most of it!  Another week has shot past and with this particular one it has been hard to distinguish which day was which, as the weather has been flat lining with just rain showers and a cloud bank that has seemed quite happily sat over us. To the West the sun has been annoyingly visible but to the East that cloud layer is just sat there.. our personal version of the Doldrums! A shame as we had the spectacle of Mars being as close as it gets on Monday evening but the cloud cover meant ‘no chance’ of a viewing. Those that could see the planet said it was ‘on fire’ at about 1am in the morning.. did anyone get any good pics?  But not to worry as on December 8th 2022 it will be close by again!
Kit News. The Pryde Group, who now own Neil Pryde, JP Windsurf/ SUP and Cabrinha, are at last starting to Launch their 2021 range,  with staggered dates running from October through to March next year. We have been given a rough Launch Plan but I know if I post it someone will be on the phone saying take it down.. so call us and I will let you know when the Launch dates are..or you could sit down with a cuppa and check the websites on a regular basis. J As a rough guide Cabrinha are first out of the bag and are already showing promos on the site. Click Here to view.
2021 JP Boards will be going live in November and then the Neil Pryde Wave sails at the start of December, with water wear and foils etc. progressing into early 2021.  The German company is presenting a lot of kit so be patient as we expect the New kit to be a little different from previous years!
Facebook messenger is not working for us at the moment and as I mentioned earlier today if there is anything we can help you with PLEASE drop us an email or call us until we can get the messenger working correctly (we can see messages are there but will it let us see the actual!).
The weather for the weekend is looking pretty much the same as it has been.. winds from the North at 10kts, with an unexpected and unwanted chill for the time of year,  and cloud cover pretty much as it has been. So a weekend of paddling looks to be on the cards as wind sports are going to be very limited.
 Tides are HIGH this weekend so River paddling or Wing foiling (if the wind is strong enough) is a good bet. You could do a ‘workout’ paddle into a head wind up to Bramber and then enjoy the run back.. or get dropped off up the river and paddle back with the wind if feeling a little more relaxed!
Saturday’s High is at 12.17hrs on a 6.84m (perfect for the Adur etc.) and on Sunday it’s at 13.00hrs on a bigger 6.88m tide.
And that is it for another week. The shop is manned by myself on Saturday 9.30 – 5.30pm and James is back in on Sunday 10.00 – 4.00pm.
Just two more weekends before the dreaded clocks go back and we will then be open 10.00 – 1.00pm on a Sunday!
Have a great weekend and fingers crossed that we can all keep Covid at bay for as long as we can.

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